Minutes from meeting 18th October 2018

Minutes from the meeting of Thursday 18th October
Held at the Meeting Room,  Bardney Fire Station, Alma Martin Way, Bardney, Lincoln LN3 5UA

Councillors Present:                             In Attendance: 

Cllr R Webb – Chair                                   Anna Lawson as Clerk and RFO 
Cllr Darby                                                   DC & CC Cllr I Fleetwood

Cllr M Corbould                                       15 members of the public           
Cllr Luke Cluett      

Cllr B Newlove                                                        

Cllr M Speed                                                                                                                     

Cllr C Shaw

Cllr J Zubic

Cllr S Zubic                                                                                                                                

No report had been received from PCSO Parker.

Parishioners raised questions following the 17th October meeting of West Lindsey District Council’s Planning Committee.  Parishioners were concerned about the impact of the development on their day to day lives and were particularly concerned about the planning officer’s claim of putting double yellow lines along the road.

BGPC Chairman advised that the intention was for the council to continue to raise objections to the development; however the decision with regards to actions would have to be discussed and ratified in the meeting.  The Chairman stated that a working party, made up of Cllrs and residents, should be put together to contest this development.

The Chairman requested that the link to webcam showing the proceedings of the Planning Committee was put on line and that the BGPC presentation was made available both on Facebook and the parish council’s website.

The meeting commenced at 7.25pm

1-18/10/2018  Apologies for absence. To receive apologies for absence.

 2-18/10/2018  County & District Councillor Fleetwood
- A copy of Cllr Fleetwood’s October 2018 brief had been circulated earlier.   

3-18/10/2018 Chairman’s Report.  To receive a report from the Chairman of the Council.                   

4-18/10/2018 To receive declarations of interest (2011 Localism Act) on Agenda items. 

       None received

5-18/10/2018  To receive dispensation requests on Agenda items and to decide whether to grant same.
       None required

6-18/10/2018   To approve as a true record the notes of the parish council meeting held 20th September 2018.

       The Committee RESOLVED to accept the notes as a true record (PROPOSED Cllr J Zubic,                 SECONDED Cllr Newlove,  Abstentions Cllrs Darby & Cluett).

7-18/10/2018 To receive update on actions raised at the 20th September  meeting and consider a report from the Clerk to the Council on any outstanding matters.


Update on ongoing matters.

  • Complaints & Compliments:

Complaint made by a parishioner’s family due to lack of action taken by BGPC in relation to   elderly couple’ night prowler.  Advised not PC jurisdiction and police matter.  Individual stated that ACIS had advised that it was PC’s job to sort and get additional street light sited outside property.   ACIS spoken to and advised of role of Parish Council’s.

  • Tree survey undertaken on 1st August - still awaiting report from Nigel Sardeson, letter of complaint sent to LCC over time taken.
  • Handyman working on raised beds and preparing for Remembrance Day.
  • School contacted re:reward for logo design, awaiting response
  • Request for internment of ashes into an existing plot received.  Had to reject as three family members already interned.
  • Wragby PC have enquired as to whether BGPC wish to enter into joint Good Neighbourhood scheme.
  • Speeding and parking issues raised with PSCO.  Advised that re: speeding no staff available to carry this out, however may put in request for trainee police to do speed training in the village.  Re:  parking advised that this is a Highways issue and only parking on pavement is an offence.  Very limited resources to address this problem.
  • Two serious RTC’s close to Bardney, involving speeding.  Eight police cars, an ambulance and a Sea King Air Ambulance attended.

2.     Correspondence.

         Correspondence is available to be viewed in the office.

  • Letter from Bardney Playgroup inviting member to join management committee

3.    For Information/Already Actioned:

Notification from LCC of EXTENSION of temporary road closure on Abbey Road to mid-November.



8-18/10/2018            Financial matters.

  1. RESOLVED by unanimous vote to approve the following bank reconciliation. (PROPOSED Cllr Speed, SECONDED Cllr Corbould) 

Bank Reconciliation for September 2018 as at 30.09.18

Balance as at 01.09.18                                                                                  £93,356.98

Handyman                               430.00
Cemetery                                320.00
Allotment                                27.00
Total income                                                                           £777.00

Admin                                      507.10
Handyman                               225.21
Grasscutting                            2076.40
Total expenditure                                                                    £2808.71

Balance as at 30.09.18                                                                                   £91,325.27
Less cheques
300788 SLCC




  1. To ratify payments of accounts/salaries/BACS payments and ratification of payments already made.

RESOLVED by unanimous vote to ratify the following payments.  (PROPOSED Cllr Speed, SECONDED Cllr Corbould).      


Payment Ratification October 2018





% of budget*



Wages and NI







Total Office/Salaries





52% of budget



Pear Technology

Mapping services















Total Admin




16% of budget



Fuel card 






Direct debit


Fuel card 






Direct debit



Charles Hill

Lawnmower repairs









Raised beds






Total Handyman




44% of budget



Tudor Grounds








Total Grasscutting




72% of budget










Total Village




73% of budget



Water rates







Total Cemetery




73% of budget



  1. Planning matters. To note any approved applications received and consider any planning applications.

    138356 Planning application for carport addition to existing garage.  No comments

    Update from Planning Committee meeting  and follow up action. The Chairman explained that the Parish Council were very disappointed with the decision made by the Planning Committee.   The              Chairman, Cllr Speed and the Clerk attended the meetings, along with four parishioners.  The Clerk, with the permission of the Chairman had approached the Clerk of the Planning Committee, Planning Officer and Cllr                I Fleetwood (Chair of WLDC Planning Committee requesting a delay due to information more up to date information regarding the Anglian Water and S106 funding being available.  However this was declined by both Cllr I Fleetwood  and the WLDC Planning Officer.  The Chairman stated that most of the issues had been discussed in the open session.

                The Chairman proposed that the council make a formal complaint of maladministration to the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman as well as seek legal advise regarding a judicial review of the                
                The Council RESOLVED unanimously to raise a formal complaint with the Ombudsman (PROPOSED Cllr S Zubic, SECONDED Cllr J Zubic).

                The Council RESOLVED unanimously to instigate a legal judicial review (PROPOSED Cllr J Zubic, SECONDED Cllr Darby).

11-18/10/2018  Update from meeting with Dr’s surgery and follow up action (Cllr S Zubic).  No response had been received from the surgery in response to the letter raised by Cllr Zubic.  Cllr J Zubic agreed to follow up her letter.
12-  18/10/2018   Resolution to adopt logo (Cllr Webb)

 Signage Policy. To consider the adoption of a policy to cover Signage around the villages.
                The Chairman stated that signage is owned by Highways and as such any signage can only be placed at the permission of LCC Highways.  Cllr Newlove also indicated that all signage is subject to planning permission.
                RESOLVED to adopt the Signage policy. (PROPOSED Cllr Webb, SECONDED Cllr Newlove, For 3, Against 3 casting final vote Cllr Webb).


          Remembrance Wreaths – To consider how many wreaths are required for Remembrance Day.
The Chairman advised the council that there were a number of issues raised after last year’s Remembrance Day, with some parishioners being unnecessarily disparaging towards council members.  The War Graves Commission guidelines that wreaths may be laid at any time of the day on the memorials.  In order to commemorate this anniversary year the proposal was to purchase special wreaths for Bardney, Stainfield   and Southrey, and for this year a wreath to be laid on the 9 Squadron Memorial.

Following the problems of last year the proposal was put to council as to whether BGPC still wishes to lay a wreath on the one Commonwealth Grave in the Cemetery.

RESOLVED unanimously to lay one wreath on the Commonwealth Grave in the Cemetery. (PROPOSED Cllr Webb, SECONDED Cllr S Zubic).


           Bardney Cemetery – to consider issues in relation to the grassed area in Part IV

Cllr Speed gave a report regarding issues at the Cemetery.  It appears that several plots have been levelled by families without asking the Parish Council’s permission.  Due to the high temperatures this year the grass has died off.  Cllr Speed also reported that another plot had an excessive amount of soil placed on top.  Another issue relates to a headstone being 2” over height, however Cllr Speed stated that this may be due the wording in the Cemetery Terms and Conditions.
With regards to the headstone height, it was proposed that the Cemetery Terms and Conditions are re-assessed and re worded to prevent  further confusion.  The width of the headstone should also be stated in the document and the width must be less than the size of the plot.

The ‘oversized’ mound should be allowed 12 months from the date of burial in order to allow for settlement, then the family should be written to and asked to rectify.
Prices should be obtained for the cost of feeding the grass in the whole of the Cemetery.


         LALC AGM and Agenda.  To consider attending and representatives.
The Chairman proposed that the Clerk should attend the AGM each year along with the Chairman and in his absence the Vice-Chair and in their absence the attendees to be selected by the whole council.  Cllr Shaw had previously stated his wish to attend the event and represent the council, as he has attended in previous years.  Cllr Web stated that it was now appropriate for other members to attend.

RESOLVED Unanimously for the Clerk and Chairman to attend the LALC AGM. (PROPOSED Cllr J Zubic, SECONDED Cllr S Zubic).

Council voted to move into closed session in accordance with Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960 to discuss the following matters;
                i.  To approve the job description for the new position.
                ii. To consider further steps regarding planning issues.

To confirm the date of the next parish council meeting.

  • Next meeting date confirmed as Thursday 18th October 2018.

The meeting closed at 8.52pm