Bardney Group Parish Council

                                                  Minutes of meeting held Thursday 15th February 2018 at 7.15pm

                                               At Bardney Fire Station, Alma Martin Way, Bardney

Councillors Present:                                       In Attendance:                                                                  Apologies:

Cllr R Webb – Chair                                         Jude Sparks as Clerk to the Council                                   Cllr Cluett

Cllr R Darby                                                     Anna Lawson as Responsible Finance Officer                   Cllr Pearson

Cllr B Newlove                                                 Cllr I Fleetwood - District & County Councillor

Cllr C Shaw                                                     Representative of Hancock’s Charity Trust

Cllr M Corbould                                               Representative of Kitching’s General Charity                                          

Cllr M Speed                                                   Mrs Kirk  

                                                                       1 member of the public


A copy of Cllr Fleetwood’s February 2018 brief had been circulated earlier.  Cllr Fleetwood advised he would not provide additional comments on his brief in order to allow others to speak.

Discussion was held outside the meeting regarding the current cemetery terms and conditions, particularly in relation to interments only being held between Monday-Friday and the fact that families are not permitted to dig the plots themselves. The Chairman explained the current regulations are guided by legislation and advice received from the Institute of Cemetery & Crematorium Management but also mentioned that due to the soil within the cemetery it is inadvisable to dig plots too far in advance of an interment as there is a possibility of collapse.

On behalf of the council the Chairman apologised to Mrs Kirk for any offence that may have been caused recently by the letter on memorials and agreed that the council does need to be mindful that care needs to be taken when dealing with such a sensitive issue.

The meeting commenced at 7.17pm


      Apologies for absence. To receive apologies for absence.

  • Cllr Cluett, due to being away.
  • Cllr Pearson, due to illness.

299- 15/02/2018

         Chairman’s Report.  To receive a report from the Chairman of the Council.

          The Chairman provided the following information:

  • The Chairman and Cllr Darby were trialling the tablets at this meeting to check for any pitfalls.  The new meeting pack system is hoped to be fully operational for the March meeting.

300 – 15/02/2018

           To receive declarations of interest (2011 Localism Act) on Agenda items. 

  • None required.

301 – 15/02/2018

           To receive dispensation requests on Agenda items and to decide whether to grant same.

  • None required.


        To approve as a true record the notes of the parish council meeting held 18th January 2018.

  • Cllr Speed requested an amendment to the minutes of 18th January stating that he had advised that the pavement had fallen away outside one of the properties on Abbey Road, not the road.
  • The Committee RESOLVED unanimously to accept the notes as a true record (PROPOSED Cllr Corbould, SECONDED Cllr Speed).   


To receive and consider a report from the Clerk to the Council on any outstanding matters and correspondence received.

A copy of the following report and the addendum had been circulated earlier.


1Update on ongoing matters.

  • WLDC planning officer notified about the mud and soil along Abbey Road and request made for developers to keep public highway clean.
  • Contact made with Jordan’s Ryvita regarding lorries travelling through Bardney village now production has begun as they should be using Bardney Bridge.  Resolution also sought over outstanding issue with gutters. Jordan’s Ryvita in response have stated that they intend to comply with the Design & Access Statement once production has commenced and that, although it appears that the debris across Bardney bridge has built up over many years, they intend to affect a cleaning operation to remove as much as possible.
  • Update received on dog fouling issue that had been reported to WLDC. An officer has spoken to the parishioner in question regarding the allegations and potential sanctions.  A further telephone call by the parishioner to WLDC has ensured that the legislation has been now been fully explained and it is hoped no further action will be required.
  • Cllr Shaw nominated as representative to go into draw for attendance at Buckingham Palace Garden Party.
  • Wragby Parish Council has confirmed that they do not require BGPC’s handyman until the middle of March.
  • Area Highways Officer has agreed to meet representatives of the Council on 22nd February, to discuss the railings near Bardney Church of England and Methodist Primary School.
  • RFO confirmed with LCC that BGPC will be cutting the grass verges in financial year 2018/2019.
  • Correspondence has been received from Kier (who act on behalf of LCC on property matters) in relation to the lease for the Parish Office within the Fire Station. The original lease was signed in 2019 and was to last for 3 years. Kier are now seeking confirmation that the Parish Office is to remain within the Fire Station and if so a new lease will need to be signed.
  • Village Hall booked for Electors/Annual meeting in May 2018. (on addendum)

2.     Correspondence.

         Correspondence is available to be viewed in the office.

  • Notification from WLDC to sign-up for garden waste collections by 12th March. Emailed to all and circulated via Facebook.
  • Notification from a parishioner regarding litter in Southrey. Passed to WLDC for action.
  • Letter received from Cllr Martin Hill OBE, Leader of LCC, regarding the Fairer Funding campaign and advising that the Government has launched a consultation for fair funding for councils - looking at the relative needs of local authorities. Circulated to all councillors by email.
  • WLDC notified ‘Notice of meetings’ for period February-April 2018. Circulated to all by email.
  • Letter to Trustee clerk of Kitchen’s General Charity/ Hancock’s charity and Education Trust inviting them to attend February’s Council meeting.
  • Letter sent to Flood Warden inviting him to attend February’s Council meeting. (on addendum)
  • Request from journalist who is writing a piece about Bardney for Lincolnshire Life.
  • Publication from Canal Trust promoting local waterways and suggesting ways to plan for waterways within a neighbourhood plan.
  • February newsletter received from CGM group.
  • Latest issue of Allotment & Leisure Gardener received.

         Requires Response/Action:

         For Information/Already Actioned:

  • RFO has sourced and bought two new wheelie bin signs for cemetery bins.
  • Parishioner notified BGPC about dropped manhole cover on road opposite Harvey Kent Road - Highways informed.
  • Highways advised about potholes outside Tupholme Abbey, broken drain at junction of Station Road and Wragby Road and broken bollards by butchers.
  • Littering within Southrey advised by parishioner. WLDC notified and has been passed to their enforcement team for further action.
  • Proposal received from Bardney Church of England and Methodist Primary School to become a ‘hard federation’ with Bucknall Community Primary School. Emailed to Cllr Darby as representative of BGPC on panel of Governors at Bardney Church of England and Methodist Primary School.
  • Email sent to Minting & Gautby Parish Council reference Community Speed Watch. (on addendum)
  • 2 burials and 2 ashes interments to take place in cemetery in March 2018. (on addendum)



                Financial matters.

                To ratify payments of accounts/salaries/BACS payments and ratification of payments already made.

  • RESOLVED by unanimous vote to ratify the following payments.  (PROPOSED Cllr Speed, SECONDED Cllr Corbould).               

Payment Ratifications February 2018

                                                                                                               Value               VAT             Exvat             % of Budget*


B/P                   Wages and NI          December          Salaries        2030.01            0.00            2030.01

Total Office/Salaries                                                                                                                                            101% of budget


PO20303          Viking                      Stationery             Admin              64.79          10.80             53.99

PO20305          LCC                          Rent                       Admin              14.86            0.00              14.86

PO20310          Argos                      Tablets                   Admin              200.00         40.00            160.00^

PO20311          Argos                      Laptop                   Admin              283.84          55.80            228.04^

Total Admin                                                                                               563.49                                                58% of budget



PO20308         Charles Hill              Repairs                    Handyman      26.40            4.40                22.00

Total Handyman                                                                                        26.40                                              51% of budget^



PO20306          Equip                      Camp Pegs              Cemetery             4.78          0.80               3.98*

PO20307          Sign Shop               Bin Signs                 Cemetery             6.98          1.16               5.82^

Total Cemetery                                                                                              11.76                                           4% of budget




^ paid by Pre-Payment card





                To approve bank reconciliation for January 2018.

  • RESOLVED by unanimous vote to approve the following bank reconciliation. (PROPOSED Cllr Speed, SECONDED Cllr Shaw)

Bank Reconciliation for January 2018 as at 31 January 2018


Balance as at 01.01.18                                                                                                               £82,084.88




Handyman outsourcing                                 480.00

VAT Reclaim                                                  3675.18

Cemetery                                                       1095.00

Misc                                                                     19.27


Total Income                                                                                                                                            £5269.45




Salaries/Office                                                2030.01

Admin                                                                235.40

Handyman                                                          36.42

Village                                                                    3.66

Grant S137                                                         144.00



Total Expenditure                                                                                                                                    £2449.49


Balance as of 31.01.2018                                                                                                                     £84,904.84



Proposed budget 2018/2019                                                                                              Figures in 1,000 (K)


Budget Heading                                   Last yrs actual                Budget                              Proposed

                                                                                                          2017/2018                        Revised Budget


Salaries                                                         33                                  29                                       33 * to allow for                 

                                                                                                                                               additional costs for handyman

Admin (Office)                                               9                                  11                                          9* to allow for

                                                                                                                                               additional costs for handyman

Village                                                             3                                     3                                          4

Allotments                                                     3                                      8.3                                      3* ring fenced

Highways                                                     0.5                                     0.5                                      3

Grasscutting                                              16.7                                   22                                       17

(+ Handyman)

Grants                                                              0                                      2                                         2

Grant S137                                                    0.5                                     2                                      0.5

Cemetery                                                      0.7                                  8.4                                         3* ring fenced

Events                                                           0.4                                   0.5                                       0.5

H&S                                                                  0                                   0.5                                       0.5

Councillor Training                                        0                                   0.3                                       0.3

Neighbourhood Plan                                     0                                  1.5                                          0

Handyman Maintenance                            0.1                                 0.5                                        4.5

Pension                                                             0                                    0                                            0


Total                                                              66.9                               89.5                                       80.3



In addition


Precept received                                            51,686.00

(incl grants and donation WLDC)

Carry over from 17/18                                   68,000.00


Total as at 01.04.18                                    119,686.00




Proposed revised budget                                    80,300.00

Ring fenced operating costs                               20,000.00

(3 months) 

Contingency                                                          20,000.00


Expenditure total                                              120,300.00


Remainder                                                          -614.00                                  


RFO advised that the budget could be in deficit within 3 years (given the requirement to hold a contingency amount and 3 months operating costs) if the precept does not increase; due to the need to cover the upcoming grasscutting requirements.

Cllr Darby enquired whether currently the assets held will act as a buffer against the increase in costs, incurred as a result of the removal of grasscutting by LCC.  RFO advised they will. The Chairman suggested going forward the cost of grasscutting may need to be included as a separate item on the precept.

  • RESOLVED by unanimous vote to approve the budget for 2018-2019. (PROPOSED Cllr Darby, SECONDED Cllr Shaw)


        Planning matters. To consider any planning applications.

  • 137076 – Planning application to erect 1 dwelling with single garage and all associated works including vehicular access.

As this is an amended application due to a resubmitted plan Committee considered that no vote was required.

RFO advised that the planning application on land adjacent to The Meadows in Southrey, that had been passed to the Secretary of State for consideration, has been rejected again.


         Local Council Award Scheme – To resolve to participate in the scheme and appoint a co-ordinator.

  • RESOLVED unanimously to register and apply for Quality Standard of Local Council Award Scheme. (PROPOSED Cllr Webb, SECONDED Cllr Shaw).  Clerk to action.


          Asset Register – To resolve to agree the asset register.

Cllr Speed sought confirmation that the metal gates at the cemetery are included in the register. RFO confirmed that they are part of the lychgate and therefore are included however, the railings at the closed churchyard will need to be included going forward, for insurance purposes.

Cllr Shaw asked the RFO if the register now includes everything that the parish holds, which the RFO confirmed.

Cllr Corbould asked if the pictorial map at the Pinfold and the picture at the Village Hall are also included. The RFO confirmed that they are. Cllr Fleetwood advised that the pictorial map on Abbey Road is the responsibility of the Jews Court Trust.

  • RESOLVED unanimously to agree the asset register. (PROPOSED Cllr Shaw, SECONDED Cllr Corbould).


               Cemetery – Resolve to create a working party to discuss cemetery terms of reference.

Chairman invited Mrs Kirk to speak.

Mrs Kirk commented that although overall she is content with the cemetery she considers BGPC should be aware that by limiting memorials on graves they are restricting an individual’s grieving process and that BGPC should consider that possible changes in demographics in the area in the future may mean that restrictive practices, such as determining when interments may take place, could lead to suggestions of discrimination. It was also suggested that consideration be given for a separate area in the cemetery, specifically for children.

The Chairman acknowledged Mrs Kirk’s comments and suggested that to assist BGPC in reviewing the cemetery terms of reference, with a view to improving cemetery management, a working party should be created that includes representatives of the parish, together with a councillor coordinator and RFO or Clerk who can then report back to the council at a future meeting.  Although the council would not be bound by the findings of the working group the Chairman confirmed that consideration would be given to its comments.

  • RESOLVED unanimously to create a working party. (PROPOSED Cllr Webb, SECONDED Cllr Speed).
  • RESOLVED unanimously to select Cllr Shaw and RFO to be coordinator and member of working group. (PROPOSED Cllr Webb, SECONDED Cllr Newlove).

Cllr Shaw then invited Mrs Kirk to be a member of the working group, which was accepted. Cllr Webb suggested that as the representative of the Hancock’s Charity Trust had also spoken on the matter earlier he too may wish to be included.

  • Cllr Newlove advised he has also received comments from a parishioner, about the cemetery.
  • Cllr Fleetwood requested that more transparency, when applying the cemetery terms and conditions would be helpful and asked for clarification as to why the new part of the cemetery appeared to have different regulations applied to it. RFO and Clerk confirmed that the current terms and conditions are applied in a transparent manner and that kerb stones are not permitted now in any part of the cemetery, although it was acknowledged that that condition may not have always been applied.
  • Chairman suggested that the question as to whether a specific size of headstone should be permitted should not be discussed by council as there is a possibility of a complaint on the issue and the proposed headstone does not comply to the cemetery terms and conditions. (RESOLVED – unanimously not to take further).


Alms Houses Charity (Hancock’s Charity Trust)/Kitchings General Charity and Education Trust

Chairman invited the representatives present of the Hancock’s Charity Trust and Kitchings General Charity to speak. The Education Trust were unable to attend but had sent a letter providing the required details on the council’s representative to the Trust.

Both representatives gave an update about their respective charities and the parish council’s responsibilities.

Council agreed UNANIMOUSLY that council representatives at Kitchings General Trust and Education Trust will be in post until May 2019, after which following the council elections a decision will be made as to who will represent the council at each Trust. The selected individual’s will then remain in post for 4 years until 2023, the next council election.

It was UNANIMOUSLY agreed that as per item 285-18/01/2018 Cllr Speed will replace Mr Bellwood as trustee at Hancock’s Charity Trust however the post will only be until May 2019, after which the new selection process will be actioned.  Clerk to notify all current holders of the new selection process.

As Flood Warden not present no update provided.

Meeting closed 20.40 pm to allow public to leave.

Meeting recommenced 20.41pm


November 2018 WW1 Commemoration – Resolve to partake in the commemorative beacon display in November 2018 and obtain Commonwealth Grave signage.

  • RESOLVED not to participate in beacon display (PROPOSED – Cllr Webb, SECONDED Cllr Shaw) (VOTE FOR – Cllr Newlove, AGAINST – Cllr Darby, Cllr Shaw, Cllr Speed, Cllr Corbould).

Cllr Shaw commented that suggestions for how council will participate in commemorations should be brought to April meeting.

  • RESOLVED unanimously to obtain Commonwealth grave signage. (PROPOSED Cllr Webb, SECONDED Cllr Speed). Clerk to obtain.


        Allotments – To resolve to progress to stage 2 & 3 of the allotment development plan.

Removed as Cllr Pearson, who proposed motion, not present.


         Ward Reports. To receive reports from Councillors on any matters that may arisen.

  • Cllr Darby

- Nothing to report.

  • Cllr Shaw

- Nothing to report.

  • Cllr Webb

- Nothing to report.

  • Cllr Corbould

- A Parish news poster has been produced to promote the twinning of Bardney

- WLDC Call Connect service is now operating from Stainfield and Apley.Although the leaflet published by WLDC does include the updated information the one provided from the Horncastle printers that is available doesn’t. Cllr Corbould intends to deliver leaflets with the correct information within Stainfield and Apley.

  • Cllr Speed

-Nothing to report.

  • Cllr Newlove

- Still issues from Jordans Ryvita regarding noise levels and traffic still going through the village. RFO to contact again.

- Parishioner had contacted with concerns over forms that had been recently received. Cllr Newlove asked Clerk if all letters that are sent could be dated. Clerk confirmed that is the practice with letters however dates are not included on forms. Clerk offered to view the letters and forms received by the parishioner.


    Members Code of Conduct. To approve code of conduct to be used.

  • RESOLVED unanimously to accept NALC code of Conduct. (PROPOSED Cllr Shaw, SECONDED Cllr Darby).

Cllr Newlove left council meeting 21:00pm


       War memorials. To receive quotes for cleaning of War memorials in Bardney & Stainfield.

  • RESOLVED unanimously to accept quote from Roger Brown. (PROPOSED Cllr Darby, SECONDED Cllr Shaw).


         Purchase of tablets. Resolve to accept quote for purchase of tablets.

  • RESOLVED unanimously to accept the quote from Argos. (PROPOSED Cllr Darby, SECONDED Cllr Shaw).



  • To resolve to ratify the proposed change of hours for the Clerk and confirm working hours for RFO.

PROPOSED Cllr Webb, SECONDED Cllr Speed and RESOLVED unanimously that the Council move into closed session in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 due to the confidential nature of the business to be discussed.    

317-15/02/2018. To confirm the date of the next parish council meeting.

  • Next meeting date confirmed as Thursday 15th March 2018.

The meeting closed at 9.40pm