Minutes of meeting 20th June 2019

Minutes from the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council on Thursday 20th June 2019
Held at the Meeting Room, Bardney Fire Station, Alma Martin Way, Bardney, Lincoln LN3 5UA

Councillors Present:       In Attendance: 

Cllr R Webb                         Anna Lawson as               

Cllr E Clee                          Clerk and RFO                             Cllr Luke Cluett                           Pauline Fry                        

Cllr B Newlove                   Admin Assistant              

Cllr S Zubic                        Peter Waddington                                          

Cllr J Zubic                                                                                                                   

Cllr M Corbould                                                                                  

Cllr M Speed      

Meeting commenced at 7.00pm

No requests had been received by the Clerk for permission to record, video or take photos of the Council meeting, therefore the only recording which would take place was the one undertaken by the Parish Council themselves.

There were no questions raised from the public forum.

Meeting commenced at 7.05pm

17-2019/20 Apologies for Absence i.a.w. Local Government Act 1972, Sch 12, para 40.  To receive and accept apologies where valid reasons for absence have been given to the clerk prior to the meeting.

Apologies received from Cllr Shaw, Cllr Darby and Cllr Bradbury

The Council observed a minute’s silence to remember David Howe who served as a councillor on Bardney Group Parish Council who had sadly passed away during May.

18-2019/20 To receive a report from the Chairman

Thanks had been received from Mrs Howe for the flowers sent to her on behalf of the Parish Council following the death of her husband.

The first copy of the Parish magazine had been published; thanks were given to Cllr Clee for all the work they had carried out on the magazine.

Cllr Clee thanked Cllr Corbould and Anna Lawson for all their help.

19-2019/20 To receive declarations of interest under the Localism Act 2011 – being any pecuniary interest in agenda item not previously recorded on Member’s Register of Interests.

None received

20-2019/20 To receive and consider any dispensation requests on agenda items and decide whether they are to be granted.

None received

21-2019/20 To approve as a correct record the notes of the meeting held on 16th May 2019 and to authorise the Chairman to sign official minutes.

Proposed Cllr Speed, Seconded Cllr J Zubic.  Cllr Newlove abstained as he had been unable to read the minutes before the meeting.  The remainder of the Councillors voted unanimously.

22-2019/20 To receive update on actions arisen at the 16th May 2019 meeting and report from the Clerk to the Council.

Clerk Report

  • Earlier this week the grave digger drove his car onto the Cemetery and parked behind the Atlantic Cedar tree.  He also laid a plank on the white marble headstone of the deceased wife.  He was asked to remove it and refused to do so.  The headstone has been marked as a result.  The funeral director has been made aware.
  • Held a good meeting with the tourist information team at WLDC.  Agreed to actively promote our area on their websites.  Also looking to create a noticeboard with areas of interest in our parishes.
  • Problems with lack of support and information during flooding.  Information from LCC and WLDC was scant.  Actually flooding was reported to the Floodline and no action was taken.  School busses did not turn up during flood which caused distress to those taking GCSE’s
  • Report of memorial flowers being damaged in the cemetery.  Unable to identify cause of the damage however BGPC replaced the item.
  • Trophy from BGPC to be presented at the Bardney Dog Show next month.
  • Dog warden.  Issue with loose dog being allowed to wander in the Abbey Road area, complaints received.  Details have been passed on the WLDC who are dealing with the matter.
  • Office to be closed; afternoon 28th June, all day 2nd July, and all day 15th and 16th July

23-2019/20 Financial matters

  1. To approve the bank reconciliation statement for May 2019.

Text Box: Bardney Group Parish Council
Bank Reconciliation for May 2019 as at 31.05.19
Balance as at 01.05.19						 	  £110,293.97					
Petty Cash			              270.00
Cemetery				 780.00
Handyman			            1062.25
VAT Reclaim			            1755.83
Total income 			         				£3,868.08

Admin					  279.49
Salaries				4387.24
Handyman				 605.12
Cemetery				    17.27
Grasscutting				4174.12
Total expenditure 		        				 £9463.24
Balance as at 31.05.19							£104,698.81										
Less cheques


Proposed Cllr Clee, Seconded Cllr S Zubic, carried unanimously


  1. ratify payments of accounts, salaries, BACS payments & payments already made

    Proposed Cllr Speed, Seconded Cllr Clee, carried unanimously

    Text Box: 									
Payment Ratification June 2019							
					value	VAT	ExVAT	% of budget*	
B/P		Wages and NI	June	Salaries	3893.89	0.00	3893.89			
Total Office/Salaries			 		 	28% of budget	
PO20495		Expenses	Flowers	Admin	25	0.00	25.00	 		
PO20496		Andrew Claydon	Int. Audit	Admin	95	0.00	95.00			
PO20498		Viking	Stationery	Admin	39.43	6.57	32.86			
PO20499		Viking	Stationery	Admin	41.98	7.00	34.98	BACS		
PO20502		Came & Co	Insurance	Admin	902.76	0.00	902.76	BACS		
PO20503		Came & Co	Insurance	Admin	159.6		159.60			
Total Admin			1263.77			13% of budget	
PO20497		Les Waters	Steel Posts	Handyman	165.60	27.60	138.00	 		
PO20504		Charles Hill	Trimmer	Handyman	89.17	17.83	71.34	 		
PO20506		E-Quip	Paint & gloves	Handyman	142.61	23.77	118.84			
PO20481		E-Quip	Bolts and Washes	Handyman	196.63	32.76	163.87			
PO20508		E-Quip	Drill Woods	Handyman	32.43	5.42	27.01			
Total Handyman			626.44			21% of budget	
PO20500		Lincs Footpath	Annual subs	Village	5.00	0	5.00			
PO20501		Bardney Village Hall	Container rent	Village	33.33	0	33.33			
PO20505		Robin Darby	Lights	Village	12.99	0	12.99			
Total Village			51.32			2% of budget	
TBA		TGM	Grasscutting	Grasscutting	2087.06	347.84	1739.22	 		
Total Grasscutting			2087.06			36% of budget*	
*19/20 budget								



  2. Internal Auditors report

    All councillors had seen report previous to meeting.

24-2019/20 Co-option of new Councillor

Peter Waddington was invited to join Bardney Group Parish Council.

Proposed Cllr Webb, Seconded Cllr Newlove, carried unanimously

The meeting was suspended at 7.35pm for Peter Waddington to sign the relevant forms.

The meeting recommenced at 7.41pm and Cllr Waddington joined the meeting.

25-2019/20 To appoint Cllr Clee as editor of Bardney Group Parish magazine

A discussion was held regarding the magazine and its content.

Cllr Webb informed the meeting that items regarding the Parish Council would need to be approved by the council prior to publication.

Proposed Cllr Webb, Seconded Cllr Speed, Cllr Newlove abstained because he had voted against publication of the magazine.  The remainder of the Councillors voted unanimously.

26-2019/20 Planning Matters To note any approved applications received and to consider any planning applications and decide that the Council wishes to make.



The Clerk will make comment on these planing matters on behalf of the Council.

Cllr Webb mentioned a letter he had received regarding  a planning application.  The Clerk will follow this up.

27-2019/20 To consider reprentatives on the following committees;

A discussion was held regarding the roles and repsonsilbilites of people representing the Parish Council on the following local charities;

  1. Peter Hancock Trust

    Cllr Speed agreed to be the Parish Council representative on this Trust. 

    Proposed  Cllr Webb, Seconded Cllr Clee, carried unanimously.

  2. Kitching General Charity and Kitching Educational Trust

    The Clerk had requested a report from the previous representatives but none had been received.

    Previous representatives on this Trust did not want to continue.  It was agreed that the Parish Council would not appoint anyone at this time, but may do so in the future.

    Proposed Cllr Webb, Seconded Cllr Cllr Newlove, carried unanimously.

  3. Bardney Primary School

    Representatives were no longer required on the Govening Body.

  4. Bardney Village Hall and Playing field Committee

    Cllr Newlove agreed to represent the Parish Council on this committee

    Proposed Cllr Webb, Seconded Cllr J Zubic, Cllr Newlove abstained, the remainder of the Councillors voted unanimously.

28-2019/20 Allocaion of Portfolios;

  1. Allotments/Community Orchard

    Cllr Cluett agreed to continue to take responsibilty for this protfolio

    Proposed Cllr Webb, Seconded Cllr J Zubic, carried unanimously

  2. Cemetery

    Cllr Speed agreed to continue to take responsilbility for this portfolio

    Proposed Cllr Webb, Seconded Cllr J Zubic, carried unanimously

  3. Highways and TRO

    Cllr J Zubic agreed to continue to take responsibilty for this protfolio

    Proposed Cllr Webb, Seconded Cllr Newlove, carried unanimously

  4. Road Safety

    This would be dicsussed at the next meeting.

  5. Risk assessments

    Deferred to next meeting

    Cllr Cluett raised the portfolio for Twinning.  This would be dicsussed at the next meeting.

29-2019/20 Formally appoint Ward Representatives

Cllr Corbould would represent Apley and Stainfield

Cllr Darby would represent Southrey

30-2019/20 To consider procedures and policies following Personnel and Review Committee meeting on 07.06.19

Cllr S Zubic highlighted any changes or amendments that had been made to the policies.

  1. Terms of Reference

    Proposed Cllr S Zubic, Seconded Cllr Webb, carried unanimously

  2. Disciplinary Policy

    Proposed Cllr S Zubic, Seconded Cllr Webb, carried unanimously

  1. Grievance Policy

    Proposed Cllr S Zubic, Seconded Cllr Webb, carried unanimously

  1. Employee Training Application

    Proposed Cllr S Zubic, Seconded Cllr Webb, carried unanimously

  1. Councillor Training Application

    Proposed Cllr S Zubic, Seconded Cllr Webb, carried unanimously

  1. Councillor Chat

    Proposed Cllr S Zubic, Seconded Cllr Webb, carried unanimously

Propose to suspend Standing Orders of 2 hour meeting limit

Proposed Cllr Webb, Seconded Cllr J Zubic, carried unanimiously

31-2019/20 To consider not allowing burials on Monday

Cllr Webb requested that the Clerk contact ICCM to obtain guidelines before making a decsion.

32-2019/20 To resolve to move mobile unit located on the playing field and purchase a second unit

Following a discussion regarding the units it was agreed that one be moved and to purchase a second.

Proposed Cllr Webb, Seconded Cllr Speed.  Cllrs Newlove and Waddington abstained.  The remaining councillors voted to agree with resolution.

33-2019/20 Central Lincolnshire Local Plan Review

Clerk will write a review of the report for Councillors to read before next full Council meeting

34-2019/20 Request for Traffic Restriction Order for Harvey Kent Gardens. Potential requirement to address parking problems.

Council are unable to carry this out until clairifaction is received on how this should be done.  This will be discused once this has been established.

35-2019/20 Lincolnshire East CCG. To report on recent action by Lincolnshire East CCG.

CCG have requested that the council mointor and report back to see if there have been any improvments to the provision provided by the Doctor’s Surgery.

36-2019/20 To consider taking part in acitivities to commemorate VE day in 2020.

Proposed Cllr Webb, no seconder received, resolution  not carried.

37-2019/20 To consider quotes for the purchase of a leaf blower for the Handyman.

Cllr J Zubic to obtain further quotes as it was felt a cheaper leaf blower could be purchased. To be discussed at next full council meeting.

38-2019/20 Confirm date of next Parish Council meeting as Thursday 25th July 2019.

Meeting closed at 9.39pm