Agenda Full Council Meeting Thursday 15th October 2020

Dear Parishioner

You are hereby advised of  the Full Council meeting of Bardney Group Parish Council which will take place on Thursday 15th October 2020 7.00pm at which the under mentioned business will be transacted.

In accordance with The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020, the meeting will take place remotely using the Zoom platform. 

The meeting ID is 889 9281 6597     Password  971888

There will be a 5 minute public forum prior to the start of the meeting between 7.00pm-7.05pm where members of the public may address the council.  Questions to the Council for inclusion at the meeting must be submitted to the Clerk by 12 noon on Thursday 15th October 2020

Audio recording notice*- Please note that this meeting may be recorded to assist in accurate minute taking only.

Date:   5th October 2020                            Signed:  Anna Lawson (Clerk and Proper Officer)


62-2020/21  Apologies for Absence. To receive and accept apologies where valid reasons for absence have been given to the Clerk prior to the meeting. 

63-2020/21  To receive declarations of interest under the Localism Act 2011 – being any pecuniary interest in agenda items not previously recorded on Member’s Register of Interests.

64-2020/21  To receive and consider any dispensation requests on agenda items and decide whether they are to be granted.

65-2020/21  To approve as a correct record the notes of the meeting held on 17th September 2020. To authorise the Chair to sign the official minutes.

66-2020/21  To receive and consider a report from the Chairman of the Council.

67-2020/210  To receive and consider a report from the Clerk to the Council on any outstanding matters and correspondence received since the meeting of 17th September 2020.

68-2020/21 Financial matters:

  1. To approve the bank reconciliation statement for September 2020.
  2. To ratify payments of accounts, salaries, BACS payments & payments already made for October 2020.


69-2020/21  Planning matters To note any approved applications received and to consider any planning applications and decide any comments that the Council wishes to make.  

70-2020/21  Co-option To consider application to join Bardney Group Parish Council.

71-2020/21  To consider purchase of office.

72-2020/21  To consider changing The Limewoods from a magazine to a newsletter and pay delivery to all properties.   

73-2020/21  To consider Asset of Community Value

74-2020/21  To receive report on the Ride On Lawn Mower and consider future expenses.

75-2020/21  To consider options for Grasscutting for 2021

76-2020/21 To consider putting a gate on the Allotment/Community land car park. Request from a member of the public.

77-2020/21  To consider and approve quote for memorial plaque for Community Orchard

78-2020/21 To consider erecting a memorial to Airman involved in a plane crash in Bardney during WW11

79-2020/21 Dates of Full Council meetings until May 2021

80-2020/21  To approve date and time of next meeting 19th November.

















* Please see the Council’s policy on the audio recording of meetings for more information. Items at meetings are taken in order of inclusion, subject to the Chairman’s (with the Council’s) discretion to bring items forward or back in order to orderly manage the meeting and not unnecessarily exceed the recommended time for meetings.