Minutes Full Council Meeting 22nd April 2021

Minutes from the meeting of the Parish Council on Thursday 22nd April 2021 in accordance with The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020, the meeting will take place remotely using the Zoom platform

Councillors Present:

Cllr Webb - Chair                                        Anna Lawson - Clerk and RFO                               

Cllr Darby - Vice Chair                                Pauline Fry - Administrative Assistant                                                   

Cllr Papworth                                                               

Cllr Waddington

Cllr Speed

Cllr Cluett

Cllr Bates

Cllr Chauhan

Cllr Corbould


Public session of the meeting commenced at 7.00pm

No members of the public attended.



158-2020/21  Apologies for Absence. To receive and accept apologies where valid reasons for absence have been given to the Clerk prior to the meeting. 

Apologies received and accepted from Cllr Shaw

159-2020/21  To receive declarations of interest under the Localism Act 2011 – being any pecuniary interest in agenda items not previously recorded on Member’s Register of Interests.

None received

160-2020/21  To receive and consider any dispensation requests on agenda items and decide whether they are to be granted.

None received

161-2020/21  To approve as a correct record the notes of the meeting held on 18th March 2021. To authorise the Chair to sign the official minutes.

PROPOSED by Cllr Cluett, SECONDED by Cllr Waddington, Cllr Corbould ABSTAINED as she was not present at the meeting held on 18th March 2021, remaining Cllrs voted in FAVOUR        

162-2020/21  To receive and consider a report from the Chairman of the Council. 

Cllrs thanked for attending the meeting which had been postponed from the previous week.

Very little information is being passed to BGPC from WLDC and LCC this requires the Clerk to find out information by a different means.

163-2020/21  To receive and consider a report from the Clerk to the Council on any outstanding matters and correspondence received since the meeting of 18th March 2021.

I would like to remind Councillors that although recording of meetings are allowed, it is a requirement to register the intention with the council.  The regulations for remote are the same as those that apply to face to face meetings.

We have received a concern over the fact that the Handyman was cutting the grass on the Community Land when it is believed that Larks were in the vicinity.  Both the Handyman and myself walked around the area that had been identified however we could not find any evidence of nests.  The problem is that if that area of grass was not cut then it would affect future cutes.  The Handyman has agreed to keep an eye out and go around any areas where nesting birds may be.

BGPC have received an email from a third party in relation to comments in the Clerks report from the February meeting.   The correspondence is available to councillors on request.  Unfortunately it is BGPC policy not to respond to third party complaints due to GDPR.   However just to clarify the situation;  the issue reported in February was not a one off and there have been several incidents over the last four years.  Several councillors and staff have spoken to the individuals over this period, explaining the regulations.   Having reviewed the actions of BGPC over the last four years I am happy with actions taken, as we have tried several avenues to address this problem.  There has been an offer made by BGPC to allow the work to be carried out, whilst still remaining compliant with regulations, however as yet the proposal has not been taken up.   Ultimately BGPC has a duty to mitigate against any potential health & safety and financial risks.  In addition to this, BGPC also have a duty to ensure that families only carry out work on graves of which they have permission.   This principle is the same in all cemeteries and is not unique to Bardney or Bardney Group Parish Council.   As Clerk I am duty bound to report incidents to council, however there is more to this issue than has been reported.  As such BGPC should not be vilified for complying with the law and it must be noted that the law related to this is the Burial Act 1857.

Local support for the procedures for dealing with the Death of a Significant Figurehead were found to be wanting.  Despite being prepared for the pre COVID situation, instruction was issued late last year that in the event of it occurring, direction and advice would be given to PC’s and TC’s from WLDC and LCC.  WLDC did not provide any instruction and LCC advised a month previously to ‘consider anecdotes about Prince Phillip visiting your area’ (which does not apply to us).  Thankfully national Clerk’s network resolved issues and there is a push to get things addressed prior to any future event.

It must be noted that over the last eighteen months our area has been affected by flooding and a pandemic and it does appear that we have not received the support, contact or communications that we should have.

Litter pick.  The litter pick held earlier this month in Bardney was well attended.  There will be another one in Southrey on Tuesday 27th April and Stainfield on Thursday 6th May.

Sewage.  There is sewage leaking into a drain on Back Lane/Doctors Lane, near the footpath.  Anglian Water have been out to this issue this afternoon.

School Bus hit telegraph pole on Station Rd.  This incident occurred yesterday afternoon as a result of parked cars near the pinch point on Station Rd, proof that double yellow lines are needed in the vicinity.

Foodbank.  There are plans to hold a meeting to discuss the future path for the foodbank. 

Co-op.  Lincolnshire Co-op have been in touch with regards to working together on future projects.

Many thanks go to those who supported the two minutes on Saturday at the Flag pole, in memory of His late Royal Highness Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh.

164-2020/21 Financial matters:

  1. To approve the bank reconciliation statement for March 20201.

Bank Reconciliation for March 2021 as at 31.03.21

Balance as at 01.03.21                                                                                   £53975.45                 


Allotment                                                   725.00

Handyman                                                 525.80

VAT rebate                                                 798.56                 

Total income                                                                           £2049.36



Admin                                                      396.02

Salaries                                                 4074.11

Handyman                                              896.48

Allotment                                                  39.29

Grant                                                       144.00

Grasscutting                                          1348.51

Total expenditure                                                                     £6898.41


Balance as at 31.03.21                                                                                   £49126.40                                                                                                                                                                              



  1. To ratify payments of accounts, salaries, BACS payments & payments already made for April 2021.

Payment Ratification April 2021





% of budget*



Wages and NI








Total Office/Salaries





115% of budget^




AD Claydon








Total Admin




1% of budget













Charles Hill









Charles Hill
















Total Handyman





2% of budget















CG Cannon

Tractor Hire






Total Community




17% of budget












Total Grasscutting




13% of budget




ID Fencing

Glass, fixing, bolts







Total Village




2.5% of budget




ID Fencing








Total Cemetery




2% of budget




St Lawrence

Clock service







Total Grant




7% of budget





Water supply







Total Allotments




4% of budget


^ Cost offset from WPC contribution



PROPOSED Cllr Darby, SECONDED Cllr Speed,  carried UNANIMOUSLY











165-2020/21  Planning matters To note any approved applications received and to consider any planning applications and decide any comments that the Council wishes to make.  

No planning applications received

166-2020/21  Ward Reports To receive ward reports from council members

Cllr Darby – The café wall running along the edge of the footpath between Station Road and Abbey Road is not the responsibility of BGPC.

Cllr Waddington – Cyclists are still riding on the footpaths despite signage being displayed on lamp posts.  Cars are not using the spaces outside the Heritage Centre because of the signs which are displayed on the wall and on the LCC land outside the wall.  BGPC will liaise with LCC and Historic England regarding this matter.

169-2020/21  To receive update on LALC.

To be discussed at the meeting in June

170-2020/21  To consider request to place shed on an allotment plot  To consider a request from an allotment holder.

Application approved


171-2020/21  To receive update on St Oswald Feast.

St Oswald’s Feast Day - Picnic in the Park

Provisional date; Sunday 1st August 2021

Outline; BGPC will host a free to enter outdoor event on the Community Land adjacent to the Bardney Playing Fields and Community Allotments. The core focus of the event is to utilise the open space to provide a venue for the benefit of the parishioners from all the encompassing parishes, and encourage the involvement of local businesses, clubs and organisations.

Currently local businesses are currently being approached to provide food and refreshments concessions for the event. Local groups and clubs are being approached to provide displays to showcase and boost membership. The number of positive replies will ultimately decide the final shape of the event, but the emphasis will be placed on complimenting the Feast Day/Picnic in the Park concept rather than mirroring the Gala with car boot stalls and dog show.

ALS Entertainment Group have been approached to tap into their expertise in staging events, and provide access to some basic facilities to provide a backbone for the event. ALS have hosted Covid compliant events, and have the expertise and trained personnel to assist with the event. ALS have currently committed to provide a food and refreshment concession (not an exclusive concession to allow for other vendors), an activity area, and various stalls and activities. Also, provide a PA system and a generator. (Note; see costs below).

Local businesses are being approached to provide a trailer bed to act as a stage for the event. This will provide a focus for the as yet undefined itinerary. ALS have suggested staging a Battle of the Bands Competition (to be finalised dependant on numbers). This will provide entertainment during the afternoon, and opportunities for other local groups to contribute during the gaps where the stage is reset. 

Format for Battle of the Bands

  • The time allocated to each band will be dependent on the final number of bands. This is currently unknown, and will be decided nearer to the event.
  • The participating bands will be charged an entrance fee in order to generate a prize fund.
  •  Judging will be provided by ‘secret voters’ who will judge the bands based on entertainment value, quality of performance and crowd response.


Although the events is free to attend, and no charges will be levied against potential stall or concession holders, there are basic costs associated with staging the event.

Toilets; 5 portable toilets, including 1 disabled. Estimated at £350

PA system; Estimated £400

Portable Electrical Generator; (power for PA system and stage) £400

License for event £25

Provision for supplies for Covid compliance; £50

Printing and publicity?

An entrance fee per band will be charged in order to provide a prize fund for the winner, the proportion and prize, will obviously depend on the number of entrants. No additional monetary contribution is required.

Size and layout of venue

It is anticipated to utilise all the Community Land. The layout and spacing will ultimately be decided by the number of clubs, groups, and businesses that attend. The venue will be designed to provide segregated areas for those who wish to listen to the music, actively engage in the (hoped) various activities, or have an undisturbed picnic experience.


Risk assessment; this will be carried out once the sum of the whole is known, such as the number of concessions, stalls and participating groups, and therefore the outlying size and footprint of the event.

Covid 19 compliance. Regardless of size or complexity the event will comply with the relevant guidance in place at the time of the event. Notionally this will be based on the current known social distancing rules. It is hoped they will be less restrictive at the event, but ALS have expertise in operating venues at the current level, and possible spacing measures such as pre-painted outlines can be provisioned. A QR code will be generated for the event, and positioned at all the potential entrances, for Track-and-Trace purposes.

Site Plan. Some equipment such as the stage, electrical generator, and toilets, will need to be placed in predetermined positions to allow for segregation and isolation. Clear ways and lanes may also be required for the food and refreshment concessions. These considerations will determine some of the topography of the final site layout.

Marshalls and staff. The number of marshals and assistants required will be determined by the final size of the event, and the Covid 19 guidance in place at that time. It is hoped that they can be drawn from volunteers. All will be provided with appropriate PPE relevant to their role.

Parking. It is anticipated that most attendees will walk onto the venue, but some Disabled parking will need to be provisioned. If the parking area adjacent to Bardney Cemetery, or the Community Land Parking area, prove to be unsuitable, then the Doctors Surgery will be approached to utilise their car park. Vehicle access to the site will be controlled to ensure the safety of the attendees, and if required access/egress of the emergency services. No vehicles other than those directly involved in the event will be allowed access to the site, and a curfew restricting vehicle movement will be imposed prior to the start of the event.


The current BGPC insurance policy is anticipated to form the core of the insurance required for staging the event. The Parish Clerk will confirm the level of cover is appropriate, and contact the insurers to confirm the adequacy and acceptance.

Cut-off decision date

ALS have stated that they are fully committed to the event, but a go/no go date for the event is 11 May 2021 so that they can re-deploy assets in a timely manner. This will also influence the planning for the design, printing, and distribution of publicity. If Covid 19 pandemic conditions and regulations worsen again worsen the event may have to be cancelled and re-scheduled until 2022. Currently there is a plan for success.


172-2020/21  To approve purchase of benches with CIL funding.

PROPOSED by Cllr Webb, SECONDED Cllr Papworth, carried UNANIMOUSLY

173-2020/21  To consider creating a Community Allotment.  To purchase a polytunnel and grow plants for using in the villages.

Further information to be gathered and discussed at June meeting     

174-2020/21  To consider income generation from the Community Land up to October 2021.

Ideas to be submitted to the Clerk

175-2020/21  To consider moving the date of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council due to legislation issues.  To consider moving date to Thursday 6th May in order to comply with legislation.

PROPOSED by Cllr Webb, SECONDED by Cllr Darby, carried UNANIMOUSLY

Cllr Darby acted as Chairman as Cllr Webb had technical issues.

176-2020/21  To consider renewal of policies;

  1. Standing Orders
  2. Financial Regulations – amendment needed to remove reference to Euros
  3. Councillor Co-option

     PROPOSED by Cllr Darby, SECONDED by Cllr Speed, carried UNANIMOUSLY

177-2020/21  Establishment – to resolve to go into closed session in accordance with Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960 to discuss the following matters.  A separate meeting ID and password will be provided to councillors.      

PROPOSED by Cllr Darby, SECONDED by Cllr Webb, carried UNANIMOULSY

180-2020/21  To approve date and time of next meeting Thursday 6th May 2021


Meeting closed at 8.45pm