Council tax 2021/2022

BGPC Precept 2021/22

Over the last five years Bardney Group Parish Council has pursued a policy of efficient day to day operation and careful financial management.  In 2015/2016 the council overhauled its budgets and financial management, and as a result reduced the precept figure dramatically. Since this time any increase has been measured and representative of both the budget and reserves.  As a result, the precept charged by BGPC this year is still 3% less than the 2015/2016 figure.  This year’s increase equates to an average of 13p per week per household. This is an achievement when considered against the LCC/WLDC council tax figure which has increased by 21.4% (£327 per Band D household) since 2015/2016. 

Bardney Group Parish Council has continually looked to achieve cost savings and have done so by producing a budget for 2021/2022 which is lower than the one for 2020/2021.  This has been achieved despite all the additional pressures caused by COVID and price increases.  Unfortunately parish councils have to submit their precept (council tax) requirements several months before the District and County Councils consider theirs.  Over the last two years there have been discussions about certain services supplied by West Lindsey District Council and Lincolnshire County Council being passed on to parish councils. Following the events of the last year it was envisaged that financial cuts would require parish councils to deliver the services instead.  As such BGPC have repeatedly sort clarification on this financial risk from both WLDC and LCC without success.  Therefore BGPC had no alternative but to increase the precept in order to cover this potential cost.  BGPC have only become aware over the last two weeks that these costs have not been passed down and as such, the precept will be adjusted accordingly for next year.

It is worth considering the precept figures for other local councils.

Bardney Group Parish Council precept request of £68K
Cherry Willingham Parish Council has a precept of £75K and has a debt of £201K.
Ruskington Parish Council has a precept of over £145k
Metheringham Parish Council do not publish information regarding their precept.
Bracebridge Heath Parish Council has a precept of £149k and an increase of 10% for 2021/2022.

Parish Councils are expected to hold reserves in the form of three to six months operating costs and in order to be frugal, BGPC hold the least amount possible.    All budgets, payments and bank reconciliations are available on the BGPC website

If you have any questions regarding the budget or precept then please contact BGPC either via 01526 397406 or  Alternatively please see our website