Audio Recording Policy

Adopted - 22/09/2016

Draft revision 16/04/2016

This policy should also be read in conjunction with Bardney Group Parish Council’s Standing Orders & Financial Regulations.


  • Committee – Any committee, sub-committee or advisory committee appointed by Bardney Group Parish Council
  • Council – Bardney Group Parish Council (BGPC)
  • Members – All Councillors of Bardney Group Parish Council
  • Officers – All employees of the Council
  • Proper Officer – The Clerk to the Council
  • RFO – Responsible Financial Officer

Purpose and Scope

Bardney Group Parish Council audio records parish council meetings to improve minute taking of meetings to provide greater clarity on how decisions are reached. 

The minutes of meetings are the only legal record of that meeting and will be the only method used in determining a challenge on the validity of any decision made.

BGPC is required to ensure that minutes are an accurate record of the proceedings and the audio recording of meetings could assist this aim.


It will be at the discretion of the Council and/or Committee as to which meetings are recorded. 
Prior to commencement of the meeting the Chairman of the meeting will announce that the meeting will be recorded.

Anyone, other than the parish council, wishing to record the meeting, either in audio, video or photographic format must submit a written request for permission from the Clerk, prior to the start of the meeting.

Any member or the Clerk may request termination or suspension of the recording of a meeting if continuing the recording would prejudice the proceedings of the meeting. This includes:-

  • Public disturbance or other suspension of the meeting
  • Exclusion of the public or press
  • Any other reason agreed by the Council or Committee

    Exempt and confidential Agenda Items will not be recorded.

    Meetings will be recorded onto BGPC’s digital media recorder. No copies or transcripts of this recording will be provided.

    BGPC will consider requests for an audio copy of Council minutes for accessibility requirements only.

    All recordings of meetings will be deleted after a period of 6 months from the date of the meeting unless the data is subject to one of the disclosure reasons noted below.

Disclosure Reasons

Data may only be disclosed for the purpose of legal proceedings including prospective legal proceedings, for the purpose of obtaining legal advice, by order of the court, for the detection and prevention of crime or if the disclosure is otherwise necessary for the purposes of establishing, exercising or defending legal rights.