Notes from the meeting of Bardney Group Parish Council, which was held in the Bardney Methodist Hall on Thursday 17th March at 7pm


Cllr Robin Darby – Chairman                                           
Cllr Peter Waddington – Vice Chair                                  
Cllr Malcolm Speed                                                          
Cllr Charles Shaw arrived late (see minutes for arrival)
Cllr Luke Cluett
Cllr Mary Corbould
Cllr Frank Bates
Cllr John Papworth
Anna Lawson – Clerk/RFO
Laura Allen – Admin Assistant



Members of the Public

One member of the public was in attendance. 


Public Forum commenced 7.00pm

A member of the public who was a resident and had long ties with the village wished to raise a number of concerns before the council:

  1. Website Accessibility– The member of the public noted that they were experiencing some issues with viewing the governance and accounting statements on the Bardney Group Parish Council website as they were not full A4 Size.

The Chairman and the Clerk reassured the member of the public that this was not intended and they would seek to examine and rectify the issue.

  1. Objection Letters sent to WLDC – The member of the public wished to enquire in what circumstances objection letters were sent to West Lindsey District Council without being brought to Council first.

The Clerk responded that if there was not sufficient time or notice, standard letters would be sent using delegated powers by the clerk to respond in such circumstances and that all procedures would be followed and discussed with Chair prior to submitting a response.

  1. Planning Application 144438 – The member of the public had a number of concerns and questions over the proposed development. Notably a former access restriction (formerly Field Lane) which was not in the new application. This included that a semi protected hedge be retained and no access on to Field Lane from the development.

The Chairman and the Clerk stated that further clarification would be sought from this application to ensure previous restrictions are not overlooked.   

  1. Planning Permission for Parish Office – The member of the public made a statement that the Parish Office had used a loophole in the planning system.

The Chairman and the Clerk reassured the member of the public that no planning permission was necessary as the building is a temporary structure and prior consultation with Planning Enforcement had been sought.

Public Forum ended at 7.18pm

The Chairman called an end to the public forum and thanked the member of the public for their time.

Meeting commenced at 7.21pm 

142-2021/22   To inspect the Insignia and receive any Apologies for Absence in accordance with the Local Govt Act 1972, Sch 12, para 40. To receive and accept apologies where valid reasons for absence have been given to the Clerk prior to the meeting.

Apologies from Cllr Shaw for being delayed and will be arriving late to the meeting.

143-2021/22   To receive declarations of interest under the Localism Act 2011 – being any pecuniary interest in agenda items not previously recorded on Member’s Register of Interests.

None received.

144-2021/22  To receive and consider any dispensation requests on agenda items and decide whether they are to be granted.

None received.

145-2021/22   To approve as a correct record the notes of the meeting held on 17th February 2022 and to authorise the Chairman to sign the official minutes.

PROPOSED Cllr Darby SECONDED Cllr Bates and six in favour with two abstentions.

146-2021/22   To receive the report from the Chairman

The Chairman informed the meeting that while there were no reports officially to comment on, he did wish to recognise the challenges that the Parish Office has been facing over the past week, due to the unfortunate expiry of the generator which supplies power to the office.

A return and refund would be sought from the supplier as the generator has been deemed beyond repair and the costs would then be offset towards purchasing a new replacement. The Chairman also noted that the costs of hiring a generator in the interim period would be reflected in next month’s finances and thanked the clerk and admin assistant for persevering with the situation, having had no power to prepare for the meeting.

147-2021/22  To receive update on actions arisen at the 17th February 2022 meeting and report from the Clerk to the Council.

Clerks report as follows:

We have encountered problems with the generator over the last two weeks which has greatly affected the operation of the office.  Amazon have confirmed that they will refund BGPC for the cost of the generator however we had to hire one in whilst we were in discussions with the supplier of the original generator.  Unfortunately the hire generator also broke several times and actually cost more than we were expecting.  In the end we have had to make an emergency purchase of another generator in order to prevent costs from getting worse.  The cost of the new generator will be offset by the refund from the original generator.

We have received the first booking for St Oswald’s Park from, Lindum Endurance and equestrian organisation whom will basically be using the site as a car park.

We have received correspondence regarding an issue in the Cemetery.  This will be investigated and responded to.

The allotment tenancy agreements have been sent out.

Have received notification of consultation period for the latest version of the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan.  This will need to be considered at the April Meeting.

Plans for St Oswald’s Park are progressing and have been approached to host a truck pull competition.

The definitive Map modifications for 2026 have been pulled although this may make it easier for paths to be removed.

Sadly heard that we have been unsuccessful with the application for the loneliness project.

Problems with the bus services with return tickets not being transferable. 

Have not received any response from WLDC over a range of matters.

Moving over to Sage Payroll Cloud as Sage Payroll will no longer exist.

WAVE - the Business division of Anglian Water are trying to charge BGPC for the water rates for Bardney Fire Station. 

There is an individual who is not putting his dogs on the lead in the allotments.  He was spoken to but turned aggressive.  His dogs have bitten an allotment holder and attacked another dog.  Need to take cation and the area is covered by Public Space Protection Order and BGPC adoption of the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005.

148-2021/22  Financial matters:

  1. To approve the bank reconciliation statement for February 2022

Bardney Group Parish Council

Bank Reconciliation for February 2022 as at 28.02.22


Balance as at 01.02.22 £43594.33

    Handyman                                              270.00
    Allotment                                                 10.00
    Cemetery                                               760.00
    VAT rebate                                             254.13

Total income £1294.13


  • Admin                                                      670.94
    Salaries                                               4105.92
    Handyman                                              650.97
    Village                                                 1200.00
    Cemetery                                               270.00
    Allotments                                                 35.67
    Grant                                                   1300.00
    Community Land                                    387.10

Total expenditure £8620.60


Balance as at 28.02.22£36,267.86


PROPOSED Cllr Darby SECONDED Cllr Speed and UNANIMOUSLY resolved.

  1. To ratify payments of accounts, salaries, BACS payments & payments already made.

     PROPOSED Cllr Darby SECONDED Cllr Waddington and UNANIMOUSLY resolved.

(The payment ratifications document can be viewed in PDF format at


149-2021/22  Planning matters.  To note any approved applications received and to consider any planning applications and decide any comments that the Council wishes to make. 

144495       Planning application for change of use of agricultural land to campsite for tents, including portable shower unit, washroom and toilet facilities in Hoop Lane, Apley. LN9 5JR.

                   No comments to make.

144444       Planning application for side extension to existing open-sided hay & straw barn in Hoop Lane, Apley. LN8 5JR.

                   No comments to make.

144438       Planning application to remove condition 17 of planning permission 120613 granted 14th December 2007 being variation of conditions 5, 11 & 14 of planning permission 126772 granted 20 December 2011 - revised boundary treatments, housetypes and materials for Land off, Wragby Road, Bardney, Lincs, LN3 5XW.

                   The Parish Council wish to seek further clarification in order to make reasonable comments or objections with better understanding of what is being asked                         and what the ramifications will be if passed.


150-2021/22  To receive report from the representative on the Village Hall Committee (Cllr Papworth)

Cllr Papworth informed the Council that the Village Hall Committee is seeking to raise funds for playing field equipment after recently having a lot of expenditure in terms of a new heating system, carpark resurfacing and double glazing seal replacements. They would like to raise around £2000 to £3000 for this purpose and would consider putting in a grant application to the council at a later date.


151-2021/22  To receive update on Code of Conduct Change from West Lindsey District Council.

WLDC are proposing that all Parish Councils adopt the new draft code of conduct developed by the local government association, however both the National Association of Local Councils and the Society for Local Council Clerks state that they have reservations over the effectiveness of the new draft.

It was proposed to defer making any decisions on adopting a Code of Conduct Change at this current point in time due to an upcoming period of increased workload and projects. It was therefore unanimously agreed to defer considerations on whether or not to adopt this change until September when more time could be allocated.

PROPOSED Cllr Darby SECONDED Cllr Waddington and UNANIMOUSLY resolved.


     152-2021/22  To consider format for the next Annual Parish Meeting and Annual Awards.

     Annual Parish Meeting

It was agreed that last year’s success was by making the best of it and that there would be time to organise fully beforehand before moving forward, with this year’s annual parish meeting proposed to take place on Thursday 12th May 2022. It was also agreed that we would formally award grants and the annual awards.

PROPOSED Cllr Darby SECONDED Cllr Corbould and UNANIMOUSLY resolved.

Annual Awards

It was agreed that last year’s awards were well received and that an agenda item for the next Parish Meeting would be set for further discussion and to propose candidates.

PROPOSED Cllr Darby SECONDED Cllr Corbould and UNANIMOUSLY resolved.


     153-2021/22  To approve the Admin Assistant undertaking ILCA.

This item was agreed to be deferred to the Personnel Committee.

It was also noted that ILCA training would give the Admin Assistant a solid grounding in Clerks training, and that utilising our training budget to improve staff knowledge and performance has many benefits, including meeting the Local Council Award Scheme Foundation status.

PROPOSED Cllr Darby SECONDED Cllr Corbould and UNANIMOUSLY resolved.


8.03pm       Arrival of Cllr Shaw to the meeting


8.04pm       Chair reopened and continued the meeting


    154-2021/22  To consider national pay scale change

It was agreed that there was no reason to object to nation pay scale changes and these would be reflected in the next budget, backdated to 1st April 2021.

PROPOSED Cllr Waddington SECONDED Cllr Shaw and UNANIMOUSLY resolved.


     155-2021/22  To receive update on Freedom of Information request from LCC.

No progress has been made since the previous meeting as awaiting deadline of the 1st April for further correspondence from LCC.     


     156-2021/22  To consider installing new plinths in the Cemetery.

As the cemetery is running out of burial plots, a number of new plinths which are non-collapsible concrete strips for headstones to be placed on are needed to accommodate further plots and allow expansion.  Cllr Speed speaking as the Portfolio Holder for the Cemetery and the Clerk informed the Council that there is an immediate need for at least four new plinths which would give scope for 6 years of future plots. It was also noted that the size of plots also needed to change in order to accommodate wider spaces after discussions with the grave digger.

It was proposed that there would be a motion to consider this further at the next parish council meeting when associated costs for cemetery extension plans could be provided. 

PROPOSED Cllr Darby SECONDED Cllr Speed and UNANIMOUSLY resolved.


157-2021/22  Establishment – to resolve to go into closed session in accordance with Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960 to discuss the following matters;


     158-2021/22 Confirm date of next parish council meeting - as Thursday 21stth April 2022 venue TBA


Meeting closed 8.50pm

* Please see the Council’s policy on the audio recording of meetings for more information. Items at meetings are taken in order of inclusion, subject to the Chairman’s (with the Council’s) discretion to bring items forward or back in order to orderly manage the meeting and not unnecessarily exceed the recommended time for meetings.