Approved Minutes from the meeting of Bardney Group Parish Council, which was held in the Southrey Village Hall, Highthorpe, Southrey on Thursday 17th February at 7pm

Cllr Robin Darby – Chairman                Anna Lawson – Clerk/RFO
Cllr Peter Waddington – Vice Chair            Laura Allen – Admin Assistant
Cllr Malcolm Speed                    
Cllr Charles Shaw
Cllr John Papworth


Cllr Luke Cluett
Cllr Mary Corbould
Cllr Frank Bates

No members of the public were in attendance.  

Meeting commenced 7.05pm


126-2021/22   Apologies for Absence i.a.w Local Govt Act 1972, Sch 12, para 40. To receive and accept apologies where valid reasons for absence have been given to the Clerk prior to the meeting.

Apologies for absence accepted from Cllr Mary Corbould and Cllr Luke Cluett


127-2021/22   To receive declarations of interest under the Localism Act 2011 – being any pecuniary interest in agenda items not previously recorded on Member’s Register of Interests.

Declarations of interest received from Cllr Robin Darby.

128-2021/22  To receive and consider any dispensation requests on agenda items and decide whether they are to be granted.

None received.

129-2021/22   To approve as a correct record the notes of the meeting held on 20th January 2022 and to authorise the Chairman to sign the official minutes.

PROPOSED Cllr Darby SECONDED Cllr Speed and UNANIMOUSLY resolved.

130-2021/22   To receive the report from the Chairman

The Chairman shared news that the Limewoods Magazine produced by Bardney Group Parish Council has now been distributed to the local community and that it was all compiled, designed and printed in-house, thanks to Admin Assistant Laura Allen and Clerk Anna Lawson.

The Chairman also informed the council that all were welcome to attend the Platinum Jubilee Tree Planting Ceremony with the Lord-Lieutenant of Lincolnshire on the 25th February at 11am at St Oswald’s Park.

Additionally, news was shared of a meeting that was held at the Open Door in Bardney regarding Platinum Jubilee event planning, which was attended by both the Chairman and the Parish Clerk.  It was agreed that Bardney would schedule the following events for the 2nd to the 5th June 2022:

Thursday 2nd          Horticulture Show at Bardney Manor House

Friday 3rd                Discover Animals and Picnic in the Park supported by the WI at St Oswald’s Park

Saturday 4th           Royal Themed Scarecrow Competition and Queen’s Street Party

Sunday 5th              Off-Street Street Party at the Gateway Centre

The Chairman concluded this would be a positive week of activities for the community and that the Parish Council will support the events by providing use of St Oswald’s Park, including organising toilet facilities and an ice cream vendor. It was also proposed that a commemorative issue of the Limewoods Magazine would be created with advertising and an event calendar, and that we would make full use of social media and the website to promote the events.

131-2021/22  To receive update on actions arisen at the 20th January 2022 meeting and report from the Clerk to the Council.

Clerks report as follows:

This month has seen further tree planting.  The Hornbeams have been planted in the Cemetery and the Queens trees are being planted in Southrey, Stainfield and Bardney.

Sadly over the weekend the new poster board which is situated in the Pinfold has been damaged.  Luckily we had the design printed on waterproof paper and as such the design has not been damaged.  It is disappointing that this has happened especially as it was made with toughened safety glass and as such the force to do the damage must have been immense.

Cemetery Training is planned for councillors for the evening of Thursday 24th February via Zoom starting 7pm.  The presentation will be forwarded prior to the event along with the Zoom call details.  If you cannot make this date please contact the Parish Office.

The panelling of the gap at the bottom of the new office is working well and is helping to keep the heat in.  It will assist in reducing the heating bill.

The wood chipper assisted with getting rid some of the branches and we also received the chippings from the tree surgeon following his work in the village.  The wood chippings have now been used around all the new trees.

Yesterday (Wednesday 16th) the Chairman and I attended a meeting for organisations interested in hosting events for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.  It was heart warming to see so many organisations all working together to ensure that the Bank Holiday weekend will be one to remember.

It is proposed that BGPC do the following to assist with these events;

  • Design the logo
  • Print and design the joint advertising
  • Create a commemorative edition of the Limewoods which would include a rundown of all the events in the community.
  • Assist with administration of the Scarecrow Comp
  • Assist with applying for the road closure(s)
  • Open up St Oswald’s Park for the events FOC
  • Book and pay for toilets for the whole of the weekend.

BGPC have recently been advised that some residents are questioning the planning permission requirements for St Oswald’s Park.  Please be advised that, as previously reported to council, BGPC have had discussions with WLDC and no planning permission is required.

132-2021/22  Financial matters:

  1. To approve the bank reconciliation statement for January 2022


Bardney Group Parish Council

Bank Reconciliation for January 2022 as at 31.01.22

Balance as at 01.01.22                                                                                  £48913.45                              

Handyman                                              284.49
Allotment                                                  33.25
Misc                                                          16.72
Total income                                                                           £334.46          

Admin                                                     681.23
Salaries                                                 4058.67
Handyman                                              736.11
Village                                                    163.00
Cemetery                                                 14.45
Total expenditure                                                                    £5653.58                                           

Balance as at 31.01.22                                                                                   £43594.33                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

PROPOSED Cllr Darby SECONDED Cllr Waddington and UNANIMOUSLY resolved.

  1. To ratify payments of accounts, salaries, BACS payments & payments already made

PROPOSED Cllr Darby SECONDED Cllr Speed and UNANIMOUSLY resolved.

(The payment ratifications document can be viewed in PDF format at


133-2021/22  Planning matters.  To note any approved applications received and to consider any planning applications and decide any comments that the Council wishes to make. 

144249       Planning application for 1no. replacement dwelling near Bardney Saw Mill. In our response, we have asked for further clarification of intentions for original building.

134-2021/22  To consider grant applications received

Grant applications were received from Bardney Bowls Club for the purposes of green maintenance and repair work on the pavilion. Cllr Darby was excluded from voting due to previously declared interests.

PROPOSED Cllr Speed SECONDED Cllr Waddington and four in favour with one abstention.


135-2021/22  To consider proposal for joint letter to Lincolnshire County Council Highways dept from five parish Councils requesting urgent repairs to be carried out on Branston/Bardney Causeway.

It was proposed that the letter is sent and that all media means are used at our disposal to highlight the issues and our actions further.

PROPOSED Cllr Darby SECONDED Cllr Waddington and UNANIMOUSLY resolved.


136-2021/22   To consider cemetery fees

It was agreed that Cemetery fees should be frozen this year due to the current financial pressures on residents

PROPOSED Cllr Speed SECONDED Cllr Darby and UNANIMOUSLY resolved.


137-2021/22   To consider allotment fees    

It was agreed that allotment fees should be frozen this year due to the current financial situation and pressures on residents

PROPOSED Cllr Shaw SECONDED Cllr Speed and four in favour with one abstention.


138-2021/22   To receive update following meeting with LCC Highways and Freedom of Information Request

Following a meeting with LCC Highways, we have since been made aware that a solution has been proposed to rectify one of the issues raised, by reducing the length of the lines painted        alongside Bardney Post Office.

Following a Freedom of Information Request to LCC on the 6th Nov 2021 which failed to receive a statutory response within 20 days, an ICO complaint was raised resulting in a somewhat unsatisfactory response. However, an internal review in to this has been requested and we are informed that the outcome of this will be available by the 1st of April 2022.


139-2021/22   To receive update on application for transport grant to address loneliness with Christian Community Trust

The application for the transport grant has been submitted to the Department of Transport. We have been positively working together with the Bardney Christian Community Trust to utilise this and any other opportunities and hope to receive a response in due course.


140-2021/22   Establishment – to resolve to go into closed session in accordance with Public    Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960 to discuss the following matters;

PROPOSED Cllr Darby SECONDED Cllr Speed and UNANIMOUSLY resolved to go into closed session.


142-2021/22  Date of next parish council meeting confirmed as Thursday 17th March 2022 venue TBA


Meeting closed 8.41pm


* Please see the Council’s policy on the audio recording of meetings for more information. Items at meetings are taken in order of inclusion, subject to the Chairman’s (with the Council’s) discretion to bring items forward or back in order to orderly manage the meeting and not unnecessarily exceed the recommended time for meetings.