Annual Meeting of Electors for Bardney, Southrey, Stainfield and Apley

Draft Notes of The Annual Meeting of Electors for Bardney, Southrey, Stainfield and Apley held on Thursday 9th March 2023 at Bardney Methodist Hall


Cllr Robin Darby – Chairman

Cllr Frank Bates

Cllr Charles Shaw

Cllr Mary Corbould

Anna Lawson (Clerk/RFO)

Laura Allen (Admin Assistant)


Cllr Peter Waddington – Vice Chair

Cllr John Papworth

Cllr Luke Cluett

Cllr Malcom Speed

Members of the Public

Eight members of the public were present.


Meeting Commenced 7pm

The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.


1. Minutes of the 2021/2022 Annual Meeting of Electors

It was proposed, seconded and RESOLVED to accept the minutes of the 2021/2022 Meeting.

2. Chairman’s Report

The Chairman reported on the events over the last twelve months and that due to good weather, everyone had enjoyed themselves at the various events run in conjunction with other organisations such as the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations, including the Cedar House Childcare Scarecrow Competition and the St Oswald’s Feast Day Event in August. The Chair stated that the Council always tries to promote and assist with all the Parishes. An outline of the Council’s strengths and weaknesses, ongoing work and future plans was also provided.

3. St Oswald’s Feast - Bigger and Better

It was reported that as equipment was already on site for the entire weekend, it was an ideal opportunity to make use of the facilities across two days rather than one. A schedule of events is being lined up with the help of Mr Castle (our voluntary entertainment consultant), including hosting the VW Campers Club with further camping also available. It was made clear that the event is not there to be profited from, but as a facility for the entire community to benefit from.

4. Accounts for organisations linked to BGPC

The Chair reported that the accounts of other organisations linked to BGPC were available and kept as a confidential record for annual compliance purposes.

5. Present awards

The Annual Awards were presented to six recipients. Bardney Panthers accepted their award and had their photo taken. Due to absences, the awards for Julie Close-Mitchell, Andrea Bygrave and Pat Rennie were accepted by Jane Hayes on their behalf. Cllr Mary Corbould accepted Kelly Hudson’s award on her behalf to present to her at the next Village Hall Committee Meeting.

The Chair also accepted an award on behalf of Kerry Thorpe. Finally, the Roger’s Shield was awarded to Scott Brewer for his long service to the community and being recognised as bringing families and communities together through sport. Two cheques were also presented for successful grant applications to Bardney Bowls Club and St John Church Southrey.

6. Items raised by the public

1. A question was raised regarding the speed limit on the causeway with an observation made that it does not comply with regulations with distancing and absent signs.

The Chair responded that this has been highlighted to LCC numerous times, it is one of many ongoing issues and that they are not legally enforceable at present. The Council are still engaged with LCC, but the relationship is proving difficult.

2. A question was raised regarding the laying down of gravestones and consideration by the PCC.

The Chair responded that permission is being awaited from the Faculty.

3. Permission was asked to perform the St Oswald’s Day Service on the Village Green.

Permission was verbally agreed.

4. A statement was made that the Church was meeting with IX Squadron Association to consider a memorial window in Bardney Church comparable to that of Scampton’s 617 Squadron Anniversary Window.

5. A question was raised regarding reimbursement for the service of the Church Clock.

It was noted that the invoice had not been received by BGPC, but would be processed as soon as it is obtained.

6. A question was raised about controversy with the hedge in the Church Yard which is not cut by BGPC.

It was stated that the hedge was planted after the Church Yard closed, and that minutes are available to evidence this. It was agreed to discuss this at a later date.

7. A Statement was made that the BGPC handyman does a very good job in the Churchyard.

8. Cllr Corbould made a statement about twinned villages and reminded everyone that Bardney is twinned with La Bazoge which is a small active town near Le Mans. They would very much like to keep contact and interest from others in our village would be much welcomed.

The Chair suggested that we should promote this in the Limewoods Magazine and try to encourage others to take an interest in our twinned village.

Meeting Closed 8.05pm