BGPC were extremely disappointed in the decision by LCC to install double yellow lines on Silver St, Bardney close to the Post Office. Cllr Fleetwood proposed them despite a 97 name petition against

This morning, (Monday 26th July), Lincolnshire County Council's Planning and Regulation Commity sat to consider several items.  Agenda Item 4.1 related to Waiting Resitrictions on Silver Street, Bardney.  Despite a 97 signature petition being submitted by local residents against this application, along with two formal objections and opposition from BGPC, the decision was proposed by Cllr Ian Fleetwood to carry out the work.  

No evidence for the proposal was put forward and Freedom of Information requests (FOI's) by BGPC have shown that no formal traffic surveys have been carried out by LCC in the area (or anywhere else).  The decision was made within two minutes and it is extremely disappointing that local residents concerns were swiftly overruled.

This proposal will actually make the junction of Silver Street and Horncastle Rd, more dangerous.  The issue of parking displacement was not mentioned at the meeting.

BGPC were denied the opportunity to speak and represent residents, despite asling several times.

BGPC had queried the criteria for Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO's) and were presented with the following information via email on 20/08/2020;

The County Council will only consider the introduction of waiting restrictions in the following circumstances:

  • Where a road safety problem has become identified by accident studies and it is clear that an actual reduction in accidents would follow from the introduction of a traffic regulation order.
  • Where obstruction of the highway occurs on a regular, frequent or extremely severe basis (for long periods of time) and causes congestion particularly where public transport and emergency services are affected.
  • Where industry is seriously inconvenienced by the presence of parked vehicles.

As none of the above actually applies to the proposed area, it is hoped that LCC will now consider applying Traffic Regulation Orders to Bardney, Southrey and Stainfield, on roads that do.


Published: Monday, 26th July 2021