Current Issues - Planning

BGPC currently have formal complaints registered with WLDC in relation to the following applications;

141074 Red Hog Pastures.  BGPC have raised a complaint over the fact that the decision was not made within the correct timeframe despite extensive comments by ocal residents.

141184 Land Adj to Reeves Business Park.  BGPC have raised issue with regards to the lack of the following documentation;

1. The application form and Design and Access Statement don’t provide all the necessary information to allow a true decision to be made regarding the application. Documents that

are missing are as follows;

1.1 Ecology report. The application states that the site is currently ‘open ground’. The land is grade A1 agricultural and currently planted with maize to create a natural home for

pheasants to support the local shoot. The site is also home to Badgers. The site is also included in the Bardney Limewoods site of special scientific interest.

1.2 Traffic/transport report. The nearest A roads are over ten miles away. The roads leading to the site are a mixture of B and C class roads and the access is on a stretch of road known

as ‘Bardney Bends’. Roads leading to the site are also via several villages with narrow roads.

1.3 Environmental impact report. The site is adjacent to Southrey Wood, which is an ancient woodland forming part of the Lincolnshire Limewoods.

1.4 Details of the lighting provision. The site is very rural. The nearest street light is two miles away and as such any artificial lighting will severely impact not only on the wildlife

but also the local properties which overlook the site.

1.5 Volume of the bunded area, the material that is planned to be stored and the percentage of the volume that the bund will hold. Although the application is for a B8 classification

building, the requirement for a bund indicates the storage of a chemical substance. The adjacent site, which is also owned by the applicant, does supply chemicals to the

agricultural and water treatment industries and the buildings have a B2 classification..

2. With regards to the information presented, there are a number of other issues relating to

the application;

2.1 Noise. The application shows that the entrance to the warehouse will face towards Bardney and the nearest properties. It is known that noise within warehouses creates an

echo in the immediate vicinity. Therefore the entrance will create a major noise nuisance for those residing in the 13 properties situated within a mile radius to the site. The proposal

does not include any noise barriers and trees do take several years to establish.

2.2 Toilet facilities. Currently there are no toilet facilities for lorry drivers who arrive at the site outside operating hours. Many drivers have to stay overnight in their vehicles and as

such use the local woods and hedgerows in order to ‘relieve’ themselves. This is already a serious health and safety issue and the expansion of the site will exacerbate this problem


3. The proposal does not comply with policy as laid out in the Central Lincolnshire Local


3.1 Policy LP5 Delivering Prosperity and Jobs The Central Lincolnshire authorities will, in principle, support proposals which assist in the delivery of economic prosperity and job

growth to the owner. This site is not listed in the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan as an approved site for B8.

Neither does it comply with the criteria of LES (Local Employment Site) namely;

3.1.1 Criteria - they do not conflict with neighbouring land uses; Fact - the land and surrounding land is greenbelt grade one agricultural land adjacent to an ancient limewoods,

in an area of The site is also included in the Bardney Limewoods site of special scientific interest.

3.1.2 Criteria - their scale does not harm the character of the locality and/or the amenities of neighbouring occupiers; Fact -the locality is rural with a hamlet of properties closeby.

3.1.3 Criteria - they will not impact on the local and/or strategic highway network; Fact - the site is 10 miles away from the nearest A road. The adjacent B road is narrow and the nearby

Branston Causeway suffers from major subsidence. The link to the A roads is via B and C roads which travel through small rural villages.

3.1.4 The application will create will be five new jobs however this does not equate to significant job creation.


140854 94 Wragby Rd
Whilst the design has changed from town houses to two story semi detached and detached which is more in keeping with the surounding properties, our objections remain the same in

relation to parking, drainage and infrastructure.


• The NPPF s108 states ‘In assessing sites that may be allocated for development in plans or specific applications it should ensure that b) safe and suitable access to the site can be

achieved for all users; and c) any significant impacts from the development on the transport network (in terms of capacity and congestion), or on highway safety can be cost effectively

mitigated to an acceptable degree.

• The parking provision only allows two spaces per property which will force cars to park onthe road, which is on a slight bend. and will restrict vision for those exiting both the

development and Saxon Way, further down Wragby Road.

• The closest bus stop is ½ mile away. The only buses that use this route are school buses (which run term time only) and a bus that is funded by Asda supermarket, which only

travels once a week during term time. Public bus provision in Bardney is very poor and there are only five buses per day (Monday to Saturday) operating between Bardney, Lincoln

and Horncastle. Making it very difficult for those who work, or attend college, in Lincoln, to use the public bus as their main form of transport.

• The Local Plan LP13: Accessibility and Transport states that: ‘Development should demonstrate; c) well designed, safe and convenient access for all.’ The access to this

development does not comply with this. • In addition to this construction traffic will have to park on the highway, which will have significant impact on the safety of those living and

using Wragby Rd.


• Currently there is no spare capacity in the drainage system (foul and surface water drains). At the moment, in times of heavy rainfall the lack of capacity means that several properties

are flooded with effluent.

• Drainage for both sewage and surface water is a known problem in Bardney and has affected other planning applications in the adjacent area (see 136548) where special

conditions were applied due to the flood risk in the area.

• In July 2018, Anglian Water responded to a planning application further down Wragby stating that ‘proposed development will lead to an unacceptable risk of flooding

downstream….’ It must be noted that since then Anglian Water have discovered the drainage plans for Bardney are incorrect and are operating above capacity.

• The Water Study of 2010, stated that drainage infrastructure for the Bardney area only has capacity for a further 333 dwellings, a rough calculation shows that nearly 400 have been

approved or built. Since 2010, Chestnut Homes has implemented part II (93 homes) & III (170) of their development along, with Keir Homes building a approx. 98 homes with

permission for an additional 100. Records show that Keir Homes implemented a Water Course Improvement Study due to the drainage/flooding problems in this area.

• The situation in Bardney, with regards to the lack of capacity, means that in times of heavy rain fall Anglian Water having to deploy a tanker to pump out the drains.


• These properties are clearly aimed at families however the local primary school is currently operating at full capacity. The secondary schools at Branston and Horncastle are

also fully subscribed.


• If the application is granted then BGPC would like restrictions to be placed on the hours that construction can take place due to the close proximity to other properties. Namely no

working before 7am and after 6pm weekdays, not before 8am and no activity after 1pm on Saturdays, with no activity in any capacity on a Sunday..