Southrey by James Bateman

The Bardney Group Parish Council includes the villages of Apley, Bardney, Kingthorpe, Southrey and Stainfield.  We are the largest Parish Council in Lincolnshire in the terms of the geographical area that we cover with a total population of approx 1600. Our parish stretches from Short Ferry bridge to close to Tupholme Abbey, and from the River Witham at Southrey to the outskirts of Goltho.

Our parish includes large factories, ancient Limewoods, housing estates and thatched cottages.

The aim of Bardney Group Parish Council is:

To provide services for, and manage and maintain the assets of the villages of Apley, Bardney, Southrey & Stainfield within the law and resources provided by the annual precept and other incomes, taking into account the wishes of the residents and the need to obtain "value for money".

The Bardney Group Parish Council is made up of 15 elected members - comprising the Chair, Vice-Chair and thirteen members - all unpaid volunteers who work for the benefit of the community and all local residents. The Parish Council is fully accountable and subject to detailed audit. The council is split between the wards as follows:-

Apley - one councillor
Bardney - twelve councillors
Southrey - one councillor
Stainfield - one councillor

The council employes three members of staff, one of which is the Clerk to the Parish Council who is a part-time employee. 

The Parish Office is based at St Oswald's Park; full contact details can be found here.


Parish Council Responsibilities

The parish council is the first tier of local government & has a range of powers & duties established by parliament.  Some of the duties that this parish council undertake include:-

  • Reviewing & responding to planning applications
  • Running Bardney Cemetery & allotments sites including upkeep & maintenance there of
  • Maintaining St Lawrence's church yard Bardney
  • Upkeep & maintenance of Bardney war memorial & IX Squadron memorial
  • Upkeep & maintenance of St Oswald's Park
  • Upkeep & Maintenance of the Community Orchard
  • Upkeep & maintenance of benches, planters & other street furniture (except road and street signs)
  • Upkeep & maintenance of notice boards in all 4 parishes
  • Consultation with various bodies (highways/environment agency/forestry commission etc) on ways to improve areas within the parishes
  • Provide responses on consultation from other organisations (West Lindsey District Council, Lincolnshire County Council, ACIS, Police etc)
  • Upkeep & maintenance of Bardney & Southrey bus shelter
  • Providing grants to organisations (subject to application)
  • Running of Parish Council Website
  • Providing Bardney Christmas tree & lights
  • Organising St Oswald's Feast day


Allotments, Cemetery and Community Land

Bardney Group Parish Council manages the following areas:

  • The Allotments on Horncastle Rd, Bardney
  • The Cemetery on Horncastle Rd, Bardney
  • The Community Orchard on Horncastle Rd, Bardney
  • St Oswald's Park on Horncastle Rd, Bardney
  • The closed Churchyard, Church Lane, Bardney
  • The Pinfold, Horncastle Rd, Bardney
  • The Village Green, Horncastle Rd, Bardney
  • The 'Mound' Horncastle Rd, Bardney
  • The War Memorial, Silver St, Bardney
  • The IX (B) Squadron Memorial, Bardney
  • The War Memorial, Stainfield