Bardney Group Parish Council have many responsibilities including the upkeep and maintanance of various village assets both old and new. This webpage is slowly being updated with details of what we look after and where to find them!

Bardney Cemetery


Location: Horncastle Road, Bardney Established: 1909  Maintained by: BGPC 

Bardney Allotments


Location: Horncastle Road, Bardney Maintained by: BGPC 

St Oswald's Park and Community Orchard

St Oswald's Park

Location: Horncastle Road, Bardney Established: 2021 Maintained by: BGPC 

St Oswald's Park is community land owned and managed by Bardney Group Parish Council and is conveniently located on Horncastle Road in Bardney between the cemetery and the allotments. With various access points on the outskirts of the village it is easily accessible whether on foot or by car. 

Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Bench

Queen's Platinum Jubliee Bench

Location: Bardney (near the Village Green)   Installed: 21/09/2022 Funded by: A generous anonymous donation                                                              

RAF Bench

RAF Bench

Location: Bardney (near the Village Green)    Installed: 08/04/2022 Funded by: IX(B) Squadron Association and BGPC in recognition of our long standing relationship                                                                           

IX Squadron RAF WW2 Propeller Memorial

WW2 Memorial

Location: Bardney Village Green    Installed: 1980 (relocated in 1992)  Funded by: IX(B) Squadron Association and BGPC                                                              

Bardney War Memorial

Bardney War Memorial

Location: Bardney (Opposite Village Green) Unveiled: 19th January 1920 Maintained by: BGPC                           

Stainfield War Memorial


Location: Kingsthorpe Lane, Stainfield Unveiled: After WW1 Maintained by: BGPC                                 

Queen's Platinum Jubilee Planters

Jubilee Planters

Location: Bardney, Southrey, Apley and Stainfield  Installed: Spring 2022 Funded by: BGPC  

Bardney St Lawrence's Closed Church Yard

Bardney St Lawrence

Location: Church Lane, Bardney Maintained by: BGPC 

Bardney Pinfold


Location: Horncastle Road, Bardney Maintained by: BGPC 

Bardney Village Green

Village Green

Location: Horncastle Road, Bardney Maintained by: BGPC