Cemetery Fees

Bardney Cemetery Fees

Effective 19 June 2024


Please refer to Cemetery Rules & regulations for details of permitted memorials etc.


Purchase/Reservation of Grave

Exclusive rights of burial are issued for a period of 99 years from date of purchase.

Single Burial Plot (4ft wide)


Cremated Remains Plot


Fees are waived for the purchase of exclusive rights for the interment of children aged 12 or under.



Exclusive rights of burial must be purchased before an interment can take place. 



Cremated Remains


Fees are reduced to £29.00 for the interment of a child aged 12 or under.


Grave Digging



Cremated Remains



Memorial Permit

No memorial may be erected or altered until the design and inscription have been approved by Bardney Group Parish Council. 

Headstone - max height 60cm (ashes plot), 1m (burial plot)


Vase - max height 40cm


Cremation plaques, flat stones - max height 10cm


Additional Inscription on existing memorial



Administration Charges


Duplicate exclusive rights certificate


Burial record search request (charged pro-rata per hour)


Copy of entry


Reminder for unpaid fees etc.


Transfer/rescind exclusive rights