Purpose and Scope

To review the Policies and Procedures already adopted by the BGPC.

To ensure all Policies and Procedures are reviewed annually and any amendments to be brought back to a full council meeting for ratification.

To consider what new Policies and Procedures need to be adopted by the BGPC.

To review the Financial Regulations and Standing Orders annually and ensure they are compatible with the LALC Standing Orders and meet the specific needs of BGPC.

Report back to the Council on a monthly, or as and when required basis to ensure all amended or new Policy and Procedures are discussed, minuted and appropriate decisions and actions recorded.



Committee - Five members of the Council including the Chair of the Policy and Procedures Committee.

Meetings may be called from 2pm onwards.



Minutes will be taken by the Clerk if present.  If the Clerk is not available a committee member present will be elected to take the minutes of the meeting.



All matters dealt with by the Policy and Procedures Committee will be held in the strictest confidence and members will also consider the provisions of Data Protection, GDPR and Freedom of Information Act when dealing with such matters. All members (whether Committee or not) must always preserve this condition.


The Councils Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and Code of Conduct will apply to all meetings and activities of the Policy and Procedures Committee. 

The Policy and Procedures Committee will be appointed on an annual basis. 



The Policy and Procedures Committee will meet as required.

Meetings will be held in open session and if appropriate closed session will meet after.

The Policy and Procedures Committee members will receive an agenda and supporting documents. Notice of meetings will be posted in accordance with all meetings of the Council.

The Chair if present shall preside at meetings.  If the Chair is absent from a meeting a committee member chosen by those present at the meeting shall preside.

Only members of the Policy and Procedures Committee may vote on Agenda items.

Non committee members (in their capacity as Councillor) and invited representatives may be allowed to attend and speak on Agenda items only if prior agreement by the Policy and Procedures Committee has been given.

Non-members of the Committee are subject to the same rules as the Committee members regarding confidentiality and the requirements of the Code of Conduct.


Powers Reserved for Full Council

All matters for which the approval of the Council itself is required by statute.


Delegated Powers

To keep up to date records of actions and report these to the Full Council.

To obtain advice and guidance on matters as and when required.

Any other actions as directed by the Council.


Urgent Matters

Matters of an urgent nature that require settlement before the next meeting of the Policy and Procedures Committee may be dealt with by the Chair in conjunction with the Clerk and / or Vice Chair.


Adopted January 2024