Memorial Design

IX (B) Squadron Memorial Design 

Memorial Design

The base is 3600mm in diameter, the supporting wall is 3050mm long & 515mm high.

There are two plaques: One from the RAF and one from Norway.

The first plaque is stainless steel and is mounted on top of the wall, directly underneath the propeller. This plaque features inscriptions in black and green, and an engraving of the IX(B) Squadron badge. It measures 500mm x 300mm x 2mm.

Plaque 1

The plaque reads:

IX Squadron RAF

In memory of all ranks killed or missing 1939-1945

The Squadron flew from Honington, Suffolk 1939-1942

Waddington 1942-1943, & from Bardney 1943-1945


The second plaque is a brass plate mounted in a piece of Norwegian stone.

It measures 90mm x 60mm x 8mm.

Plaque 2

It has the inscription: