Codename 'Scorpion'

Norwegian Resistance Heroes

On 19 October 1980, the IX(B) Squadron Association founder and Chairman – Jim Brookbank, along with some of his original Committee members - Norman Sirman, Norman Wells, George Pocock and Ron Goebel (who designed the Memorial) unveiled the IX(B) Squadron Association Memorial in Bardney Village. Jim Brookbank had invited people from all over the world to attend. A large group of Norwegians attended, led by a Norwegian General from Bodo. In their number were by 2 elderly gentlemen.

One was in his 70s and it transpired that he was Egil Linberg, a Norwegian Resistance Wireless Operator who sent secret messages back to UK about the Tirpitz and German troop movements in 1944.

The other man, in his 80s, was Lars Thoring, the Tromso Town Clerk, photographer and also the leader of the Norwegian Resistance underground group, and his codename was ‘Scorpion’. During the attack on Tirpitz on 12 November 1944, Lars Thoring climbed up on an observation platform to get a better view, until ordered down by a German officer.

‘Scorpion’ presented the IX(B) Squadron Association with a brass plate mounted in a piece of Norwegian stone with the inscription ‘Scorpion’ Kafjord.

The plate is mounted in the IX(B) Squadron Association Memorial in Bardney Village.

Plaque 2