November 2023 Minutes EOM (2nd)

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Bardney Group Parish Council

Minutes from the Extraordinary Council Meeting

Bardney Village Hall Tuesday 2nd November 2023 at 7pm


Cllr Ian Fleetwood (Chair)

Cllr Michael McIlroy

Cllr Frank Bates

Cllr Barry Newlove

Cllr Keith Laughton

Cllr Barry Percival

Cllr Robin Darby

Cllr Lou Reeves

Cllr Brian Lintin

Cllr Ruth Lane

Cllr Mary Corbould

Cllr Ken Hutchinson


Cllr John Papworth

Clerk/RFO Angela Smith





Cllr Samantha Wright             Cllr Lynne Newlove




Members of the Public

Six members of the public were present


Meeting commenced at 7pm 


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting. 

The public forum was invited to commence:

A summary of matters raised by members of the public and responses are listed below:


  1. Member of the public asked if there were any changes to the wreath laying on Remembrance Sunday in Bardney as he had seen it was on the agenda later in the meeting. Chair confirmed there has been no different arrangements in laying of the wreaths, Chair also confirmed all details and who will be attending. Member of the public queried this as the Forces breakfast club had some input.  Chair clarified this would not affect the process.
  2. Member of the public asked the previous Chair why he could not answer the question regarding the payment to the solicitors, as he could not find anything regards this when looking back on the minutes.  Cllr Darby replied that he advised at the last meeting for the member of the public to apply for Freedom of Information formerly to the Clerk as Cllr Darby felt this was a confidential matter.  Cllr Darby thought that at the previous meeting other councillors were asked if they recollected anything regarding the payment to the solicitors, Cllr Bates confirmed nothing was discussed regarding payment made to the solicitors with regards to an incident with members of the public living in the Parish.  Cllr Corbould also agreed this was a confidential matter and didn’t know if a meeting had been held regarding this payment to the solicitor. Clerk wanted clarification from Cllr Corbould and asked if a closed meeting took place and Cllr Corbould did not know.  Cllr Corbould went on to state that Cllrs were assured at the time this was done following correct procedure.  Cllr Papworth recalls at that time he was being neglected by the council because of Parish Council issues unsubstantiated.  Cllr Papworth went on to say he personally asked questions regarding the this and nothing was offered. Chair advised that after the LALC report the subcommittee is in place to work through the report this should come to a close in the near future.
  3. Member of the public wanted to know why no notice was displayed on the notice board regards the extraordinary meeting.  Chair assured that the notice was displayed 7 days in advance of the meeting, Cllr Lintin confirmed that he was in attendance when the Chair placed the notice on the notice board.  The agenda was also on the website.  Chair asked the member of the public if he would like him to take a picture which would give the date when he displays the notices so to assure members of the public they are given the correct period of notice. Member of the public thought this was a good idea.
  4. Member of the public complained about the condensation that forms inside the notice board making it impossible to read.  Chair advised he could change notice boards or glazing, however, Chair did not feel this would solve the problem and he could not change the air temperatures / humidity which produces the condensation.
  5. Member of the public wanted to know if there were going to be enough sandbags in the future if the village is flooded.  Chair advised that West Lindsey ran out of sandbags, however, where possible residents were provided with sandbags to help with the recent floods.
  6. Member of the public questioned the Co-option policy.  Chair advised this was discussed at a previous meeting.
  7. Member of the public questioned the notice given for Remembrance Sunday stating the public should have 14 days’ notice of road closure.  Chair advised that notices for the road closure were placed on the notice board 14 days in advance and road signs were put out on the 2nd November 2023.


194-23/24        Apologies for absence

To receive and accept apologies where valid reasons for absence have been given to the Clerk prior to the meeting in accordance with Local Gov. Act 1972, Sch 12, para 40.  Apologies were accepted.


195-23/24        Declarations of interest

There were no declarations of interest recorded for the meeting.


196-23/24        To receive any comments from the public - confirmed above.


197-23/24        To agree and resolve to adopt a LALC working group and Terms of Reference

                        This was proposed at the previous meeting – Chair proposed an amendment from a working group to a subcommittee.  The significant difference is if a working group tries to make a decision it needs to be referred back to council and then it can be moved forwards, whereas the subcommittee within the terms of reference would have the powers and be able to make decisions.  Cllr Lane advised that under the terms of reference a subcommittee could not make decisions and would have to come back to council for approval.  Cllr Darby asked if the terms of reference were going to be agreed at the first subcommittee, Chair advised this would be the case as it will need a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson.  Cllr Darby also asked what the terms of reference would be and was advised this would be at the beginning of the first meeting. Chair advised we would need to agree the direction of this subcommittee.  Chair then asked the council if anyone would like to put forward any proposals or conditions, no comments were returned. Chair mentioned another meeting with regards the Precept and Budget, Cllr Darby thought this may be a good idea, or if councillors would prefer to come into the office to discuss Precept and Budget. However, this needs to be addressed imminently, and a meeting / training session needs to be held in the next 3 weeks. Cllr B Newlove thought a Working Group and Subcommittee had the same status.  Chair advised that Subcommittee had more powers than a Working Group.  Cllr Newlove proposed that the LALC subcommittee need to meet as soon as possible to get things moving. Subcommittee was Proposed by Cllr Fleetwood and seconded by Cllr B Newlove, majority approved and 2 abstentions.


198-23/24        Electrical Faults

                        Mains extension and Christmas light have failed, pictures and electrical report was passed around for Councillors, also quotes for various extensions and Christmas lights including rope lights. Chair proposed that the future lighting up of crib should have battery powered LED lights inside to light it up rather than be connected to the mains.  Chair advised we also need to find a permanent home for the crib after Christmas. Chair advised we need to purchase a new extension cable, refurbish the star and all the lights need to be replaced.  Cllr Darby explained how the extension used to work and where extension went.   


199-23/24        Village Revenue Fund

                        Chair advised that notification of the £6000 capital grant for the speed radars and cycle rack has been granted.

                        Chair advised that the mains extension and Christmas lights could also come out of the £3000 Revenue grant.  Cllr Laughton proposed that we seek prices for substantial industrial Christmas lights as we had the grant it would make sense to purchase a good quality set of light. Cllr Lane and Cllr Laughton agreed there need to be a large number of lights on the tree to make it look attractive as in the past there has not been enough. The grant is available to spend until December 2024, however, we need to decide in the next few weeks what we need and complete application form to West Lindsey. Proposed by Cllr Laughton seconded by Cllr B Newlove approved. A cap of £500 was put of the lights.  These would have to be purchased quickly as the Christmas Tree would soon be going up.

                        Cllr Laughton thought purchasing a gazebo would be a good idea. Cllr Bates thought the hearing loop a good idea however, felt a more expensive hearing loop would be advantageous.  This was discussed at length, and it was felt that it would take most of the grant up if we purchased the more expensive loop.  Cllr Lane questioned if the hearing loops quoted for would be of a good enough quality. Cllr Reeve advised that she had some experience of inexpensive Hearing Loops working in groups and found them successful.  Cllr Laughton advised to comply with the disabilities act we should purchase a hearing aid loop.  Chair asked if there were anymore suggestions and proposed voting on each item.  Event for 2024 was discussed Cllr Lane mentioned we would need insurance to cover any event and questioned the need for a Gazebo and felt this was not needed if events were not going ahead. Cllr Laughton proposed that a Gazebo might be good if the Parish Council had a stall at an event held in the Village i.e Dog Show, St Oswald’s Feast or Christmas Marlet so the Parish Council has a presence in the village.  Cllr Reeve advised that the Parish Council bought a Gazebo for Southrey Church and they would be happy to lend this to the Parish Council if needed.  It was felt there was no need to purchase a Gazebo given that we can borrow one.  Chair then asked the group if there was anything else anyone would like to see on the list for the grant.  Cllr Darby mentioned it would be worth looking at a heavy-duty better-quality cotton flag so it would hopefully last longer.  The flags need 2 eyelets.  Chair reiterated this needed to be approved, so we can purchase.


                        Hearing Loop                                    Approved

                        PA system                                          Approved

                        Flags- Lincolnshire and Union        Approved

                        Gazebo                                               Not approved

                        Xmas Lights (£500)                           Approved


                        Proposed by Cllr Fleetwood seconded by Cllr Reeve all in agreement - approved.


200-23/24        Remembrance Sunday

                        Road Closures have been granted by the County Council.

Chair has had contact with the Church Warden Jane Jeffery and confirms the Church Service will begin at 10.00am followed by the service at the War Memorial at 11.00am.Barriers will go up at 10.40am Cllr Fleetwood will be laying the first wreath for Bardney followed by other organisations, Cllr McIlroy in Southrey and Cllr Corbould in Stainfield.

Chair advised the Clerk had emailed for any First Aiders that could attend the service to come forward, however no-one was available.Cllr Lane mentioned that some councillors/villages attended a First Aid course, Cllr Darby advised he would not be available on that day. Cllr Reeve has also taken a First Aid course in the past and would be attending. Cllr Darby informed the group that the Fire Service also attends the Memorial Service. Clerk asked if there were any volunteers available to Marshall, Cllr Bates, Cllr Lintin, Cllr Reeve and Cllr Papworth volunteered to Marshall on the day, Cllr Reeve asked if we have any fluorescent vests to wear confirmed we can provide them..


201-23/24        Cyber Insurance

                        Deferred until the next meeting



Meeting closed @ 19.58