June 2023 Minutes EOM

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Bardney Group Parish Council

Minutes from the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting

Bardney Village Hall Thursday 1 st June 2023 at 7pm


Cllr Ian Fleetwood (Chairman), Cllr John Papworth (Vice-Chairman)

Cllr Mary Corbould, Cllr Michael Mcilroy, Cllr Lou Reeves, Cllr Brian Lintin, Cllr Martin Hare, Cllr Robin Darby, Cllr Barry Percival, Cllr Ruth Lane, Cllr Samantha Wright, Cllr Barry Newlove

Admin Assistant: Laura Allen


Cllr Lynne Newlove and Cllr Kenneth Hutchinson

Members of the Public

8 members of the public were present.

Meeting commenced at 7.00pm

The Chairman of the Council welcomed everyone to the meeting.

A recording notice was provided to inform that the meeting would be recorded to assist in accurate minute taking.

Public Forum

1. An update was requested regarding the double-yellow lines that were on Silver Street. Cllr Fleetwood responded in his capacity as a County Councillor, and stated that Highways had been in contact with him last week and he has requested LCC re-assess the situation.

2. A member of the public asked if Cllr Darby would be able to provide answers to the issue raised at the last meeting regarding the solicitor’s letter. The Chairman stated that under the current circumstances and with additional meetings needed, an answer would be provided as soon as possible within a four week period.

3. A question was raised regarding an incident last year relating to the owners of the Black Horse. The member of the public wished to know was the Clerk acting alone or did the Parish Council instruct the Clerk to make the related phone call? The Chairman stated he was currently unaware of the answer, but would attempt to provide one after examining the Parish Council’s files.

Chair’s Announcements

1. The next Full Parish Council Meeting will now take place on Tuesday 20 th June in order to take place on the third Tuesday of the month. This will also enable the Admin Assistant to be in attendance, where it was previously incorrectly scheduled as being the 13thJune.

2. Cllr Lynne Goforth will now be recognised and minuted under her married name of Lynne Newlove.

3. The Chairman confirmed to be in receipt of the Clerk’s Resignation who is currently off sick. Advice has been taken to resolve the situation correctly and the Clerk’s last working day is stated as Friday 2 nd June 2023.


1. Declaration of interest: To record declarations of interest any Member of the Council in respect of the agenda items listed below. To note dispensations given to any Member of the Council in respect of the Agenda items listed below.

No declarations or dispensations.

2. To resolve to re-instate the public forum at the beginning of meetings to 15 minutes.

Due to issues raised by the public in relation the length of the public forum at the beginning of meetings, it was proposed by Cllr Fleetwood, Seconded by Cllr Hare and unanimously RESOLVED to reinstate the public forum to 15 minutes at the beginning of meetings.

3. To agree to membership of Lincolnshire Association of Local Councils (LALC) with the associated membership fees and enable training to be made available for all Councillors.

A number of options were discussed, including cancelling any existing training booked in order to re-join LALC. The benefits of rejoining LALC would include a wealth of options including local training courses and helping to build local affiliations with other Councils. The cost of two standalone courses that had been booked with external organizations were £800, in comparison to £484.77 for LALC membership and £168.00 for the annual training scheme which would provide year round benefits.

It was proposed by Cllr Fleetwood, seconded by Cllr Lane and RESOLVED with ten in favour and two against to rejoin LALC and cancel the two previously booked training courses.

4. To agree the cost of the Polling Cards in the event of an Apley Parish election.

Due to West Lindsey District Council needing an earlier decision on polling cards, it had been provisionally agreed that polling cards be provided for the election for Apley.

Cllr Fleetwood proposed to ratify covering the cost of £380 for polling cards, which was seconded by Cllr Hare and unanimously RESOLVED .

5. To ratify the insurance renewal.

The Parish Council’s Insurance was due for renewal on the 1 st June 2023 and was estimated to be £100 more than last year’s premium at a cost of £1796.63 with Ansvar. The Chairman confirmed he had instructed renewal to go ahead as the Council cannot operate without insurance. Cllr Darby stated that three quotes had been attempted in accordance with the Financial Regulations.

It was proposed by Cllr Fleetwood, seconded by Cllr Darby and unanimously RESOLVED to ratify the insurance renewal.

6. To agree the term of reference for the Personnel and Review Committee.

It was proposed by Cllr Fleetwood, seconded by Cllr Darby and unanimously RESOLVED to agree the terms of reference for the Personnel and Review Committee. It was noted that following the meeting on the 30 th May, Cllr Samantha Wright has been elected at Chairman of the Committee.

7.To ensure that St. Oswald’s Festival is carried out with the correct licenses, insurance, procedures.

Cllr Fleetwood confirmed that he had met with Mr Tony Castle who helps organise the event a week ago and reassured him the Council would make every effort to make the event work. Cllr Papworth and Cllr Lane were also in attendance to talk through the issues.

Cllr Lane provided a report that Mr Castle was not involved in licenses and was reassured by Cllr Darby they were in place. A temporary events notice was previously used which covers events with fewer than 500 people. It was stated that due to no clicker system being utilised in the past, the event must have a premises license to be legal and above board. It was recommended that steps be taken to obtain the license and that the correct name of the location be included as St Oswald’s Park. Cllr Lane also confirmed that the correct Public Liability Insurance was in place.

A First Aid Course which had been recently undertaken by Councillors and Volunteers was reported as being for First Aid at Work and not Event First Aid. Cllr Lane stated that the First Aid Course purchased by the previous Council costing £800 was purchased without being discussed or approved by the Full Council and that the money used to pay for the training would have been better used to pay for qualified event first aiders. 

Cllr Darby wished to clarify that the event had not been advertised too widely in the past and had not exceeded 499 people in attendance. Also, that the EMAS co-ordinator had advised the Clerk that the training undertaken was adequate for the event and additional provisions were not deemed necessary.

The Chairman reminded everyone that a volunteering group meeting for St Oswald’s Feast was to take place in Bardney Methodist Hall at 7pm on the 7 th June and all were encouraged to attend.

Cllr Papworth raised a question regarding Councillors not being previously asked to go on the First Aid Course. The Chairman responded that the invoice has been seen today and contact has been attempted with the provider for a response.

Cllr Lane made a request that all spending comes to Council and is discussed because it is precept money and that it is theft and fraud if not agreed by Council.

The Chairman pledged his commitment to ensuring everything is reported in future and the Council will be as open and transparent as possible, and that we will operate a level of trust with confidentiality maintained when requested.

Cllr Darby proposed to instigate a Working Group or Sub-Committee to oversee St Oswald’s Feast and it was agreed to appoint Councillors Darby, Hare, Lintin and Percival.

It was proposed by Cllr Darby, seconded by Cllr Hare and RESOLVED with nine in favour and three against to form a St Oswald’s working group.

The Chairman requested that the working group move quickly to get the licensing in order and address the medical cover issues if additional funds will be needed, and to report back to Council with a solution.

8pm The members of the public left the meeting


It was proposed by Cllr Reeves, seconded by Cllr Darby and RESOLVED to move into closed session.

I) To receive a staffing update from the Personnel and Review Committee

Meeting Closed at 8.08pm