November 2023 Agenda

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Dear Councillor,


You are hereby summoned to attend the Full Council Meeting of Bardney Group Parish Council, which will be held at Bardney Village Hall, Bardney on 21st November 2023 at 7.00pm at which the under mentioned business will be transacted. 

There will be a 15 minute public forum prior to the start of the meeting where members of the public may address the Council on current issues or items that may become future agenda items.  

Please note that this meeting may be recorded to assist in accurate minute taking.




229-23/24        Apologies for Absence

To receive and accept apologies where valid reasons for absence have been given to the Clerk prior to the meeting in accordance with Local Gov. Act 1972, Sch 12, para 40.


230-23/24        Declarations of Interests 

To receive any declarations of interest under the Localism Act 2011 being any pecuniary interest in agenda items not previously recorded on Members’ Register of Interests and any written requests for dispensation.

231-23/24        To approve as a correct record the notes of the Full Council Meeting held on 17th October 2023 and to authorise the Chair to sign the official minutes.

232-23/24        To receive any comments from Lincolnshire Police or the District/County Councillor

233-23/24        Chair’s Report 

234-23/24        Clerk’s Report



To consider and agree courses of action for the following:


Planning Matters

To consider any planning applications received since the last meeting, including any received since the agenda was issued, and to decide any action that the Council wishes to take:

235-23/24        Planning application ref - 147479  

For conversion of water tower to 1no. dwelling with demolition of existing attached agricultural building, and extension of host building.

236-23/24        Planning application ref – 147496

Samara Wood Lane Bardney - Rear extension, new roof over incorporating accommodation at first floor level alterations.

237-23/24        Planning application ref – 147515

Land off Wragby Road Bardney – Non material amendment to planning permission 144438 granted 19 December 2022 – various changes to layout and house design

238-23/24        Planning application ref - 147526

Non material amendment for planning permission 145911 granted 16th February 2023 – change to doors, window and eave style, and reduction in garage height plus section of flat roof.



Financial Matters

239-23/24        To ratify and approve the payments for October 2023, note the receipts and to approve the list of payments to be made for November 2023

240-23/24        To approve the Bank Reconciliation Statement as of 31st October 2023

241-23/24        To consider and agree Precept and Budget for 2024/2025

242-23/24        To agree to discontinue subscribing to Pear Tree Software

243-23/24        To agree on Insurance Cover – cyber cover

244-23/24        To agree for a new member for P and R committee.

245-23/24        To agree for Parish Council – Debit Card

246-23/24        To agree for Parish Office – Christmas Closure

247-23/24        To agree Clerk Training – LALC and ILCA

248-23/24        Recording equipment for BGPC


249-23/24        To resolve to move into a closed sessions in accordance with public bodies (admission to meetings) Act 1960 due to the confidential nature of the business to be discussed in relation to the following matters.

                        At this point public will be asked to leave.


250-23/24        Agree to adopt - National Pay Award – Staff

251-23/24        P and R committee - to resolve an issue regarding a payment made.



Date: 14/11/2023                                            Original Signed: Angela Smith, BGPC Clerk